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Toys For 1 Year Olds

لعبة لتعليم الزحف من سكيب هوب

  العمر: 5 شهور وأكثر.   تشجع اللعبة طفلك على الزحف عن طريق الأضواء والموسيقى والحركة التي تصدرها. ثلاث مراحل مختلفة: الاكتشاف والاستكشاف، المهارات الحركية والتطور الحسي. المرحلة 1 (ما...

Playgro Pop And Drop Activity Ball Gym

QAR 389,00
اقرأ أكثر

Drop and pop! The Pop and Drop Ball Activity Gym is a playgym bursting with 4 fun stations for baby to pop, drop or slide coloured balls in, out, down...

لعبة لتعليم مهارات الزحف

طور مهاراتك الحركية واكتشف اللغة بمساعدة لعبة النمر هذه! تزحف تينكر على طول الأغاني من لعبة Baby Einstein التي تنطلق وتتذبذب لتشجيع الطفل على الزحف والمطاردة. اضغط على الأزرار لسماع...

Infantino Rock N Rings - Pink

Add some fun to your baby's playtime with the Infantino Rock'N Stack Rings. This is an easy to use toy that creates an interaction between baby and parents. Crafted from...

Woodlands Music And Lights Projector Gym - 3 Modes by Playgro

The Woodlands music and lights projector gym is a versatile and engaging play gym designed to provide a stimulating and entertaining experience for babies. The materials used in its construction...

Tumble Ball Stacker by Yookidoo

Encourage fun, stacking blocks, and ball play with this charming, two-in-one battery-operated musical feedback stacking and tumbling ball game. Stack the four colorful stackers, three of which have gear activity and wings, and top...

Playgro Sensory Explorer Music and Lights Activity Walker

"Learn problem solving and sorting Learn through trial and error" Discover sounds and lights "Develop strength and motor skills colour, visual perception Develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination" Colour, visual perception...

Infantino 3-In-1 Sit, Walk & Ride Unicorn

3 ways to play: sit & explore, stand & walk, and ride & roll. Adjustable speed control on wheels for beginner and advanced walkers 50+ melodies, songs, phrases, lights &...

Infantino Spin & Slide DJ Panda - Musical Toy with Busy Beads, Light-up Turntable Drums, Funky Beats

Musical exploration: Baby will love Spin & Slide DJ Panda thanks to the funky beats, busy switches, silly songs, light up turntables with record-scratching sound effects and beads on the...

Infantino Light N Sound Pop Up Buddy, Baby Activity, Learning and Developing Toys

Help develop kids' coordination, fine motor skills and memory. Stimulates kids color and musical perception. Encourages development of gross mother skills.

Infantino Water Wand

Baby will love spending hours in the bath with engaging bath toy for fun water play. Fun, to see the water flowing from either end, going through the coloured propeller....

Playgro Build and Play Mix N Match Dinosaurs

Science: Building and sorting engages cognitive thinkingEngineering: Manipulating parts supports motor skill developmentArts: Role play supports social interaction and language developmentMath: Mixing and matching introduces concepts such as order, sequence, and relationship 1-3 Years+...

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