Because Hair is half of beauty, mothers are taking care of newborn hair from a young age, looking for the appropriate care routine for their child and working to apply it from the earliest age, to keep the hair strong and healthy for life. If you are wondering about infant hair care, this article is specially for you.

First of all, did you know that wiping on a child’s hair enhances the maternal instinct and gives the child a sense of security, a simple movement that may generate a feeling of love and develop communication between the mother and her child, the mother likes to feel the softness of the child’s hair and its luster, for this reason she works hard to take care of the health of her child’s hair, we will tell you some tips necessary for taking care of newborn hair, namely:

1. Bathing the baby regularly

One of the important things for taking care of newborn hair is to wash the hair only twice a week regularly, to maintain the moisture and softness of the hair and prevent dryness and damage.

2. Use the shampoo

The role of children's hair shampoo is not limited to cleaning and refreshing the child's hair, but in addition to that, it works to lighten the pores of the scalp, stimulates blood circulation, and helps the hair to breathe.

3. Use hair conditioner

It is one of the steps that every mother should not neglect at all, because the distinctive properties of the conditioner help in detangling the hair, as well as giving it softness and a distinctive smell that lasts for a long time.

4. scalp massage

Some mothers may forget that massaging the baby’s scalp is very important for moisturizing the scalp, treating dandruff and stimulating blood circulation. It also helps the baby relax and calm down, and reduces stress.

5. Cut the ends of the hair

One of the important tips, regardless of the child's age, is to cut the ends of the hair that are split and dry, as this helps prevent hair loss, increase its density, and protect it from damage, as it strengthens the hair itself.

6. Combing Hair

Combining the hair with the soft brush designed for the child helps to detangle the hair, and it also stimulates the pores of the scalp to control the secretion of oil well.

7. Baby head cover revealed

Do not cover your child's head and hair except to protect him from the cold air stream, otherwise it will close the pores of the scalp and cause irritation, and prevent him from breathing, especially if for long periods.

How to take care of the newborn hair with thick crusts?

Dense scales called cradle cap, the infant may become infected with it due to excessive fat secretion, which forms thick scales on the scalp of yellow or white color, which disappear between the 8th and 12th months of the newborn’s age, and in order to get rid of them easily, it is recommended to use a toothed comb Soft and long to comb regularly, and it is preferable not to use powder on the scalp in the presence of dandruff.

How to choose infant hair care products?

  • Choosing the right, high-quality products that are only meant for babies, and that they are free from harmful chemicals.
  • Choose products that are gentle, mild and hypoallergenic, that do not irritate the scalp, and do not oil the hair.
  • Feeling oils are only used for dry hair, and applied with gentle circular movements on the scalp only, without pressure on the head.

What is the correct way to wash the hair of infants?

In fact, there is no right way to take care of an infant's hair. A mother can wash her child’s hair in a way that comforts the child, as long as it does not harm him. We can offer you some ways and try them:

  • Wipe the scalp using a cotton towel dampened with warm water and shampoo, and rinse hair gently and lightly.
  • Pour warm water over the child's head, and clean the scalp with the wet sponge, this method will be fun for children who love water.
  • Tilt the child's head back to prevent the shampoo from entering the child's eyes and face, to prevent the child from being irritated and disturbed.

When does a baby's hair grow?

A baby’s hair grows inside the mother’s womb. Some children are born with hair and others are born without hair at all.

The density of hair varies from one child to another. After 6 months of the child’s life, the hair falls out and grows again, but with a different color and different hair density.

But if the child has reached the age of two years and his hair has not grown, the doctor should be consulted immediately to detect hair growth problems, check the vitamins in the body, and obtain the necessary treatment for infant hair care.

These were the most important tips needed for taking care of newborn hair, and to get baby shower tools and supplies and hair care products, we advise you to visit the baby shower tools section in Qatar Moms store, you will definitely find what you are looking for easily