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Baby Electric Nail Trimmer Set with LED Light - Blue

QAR 100,00
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Using Professional Baby Nail Care: Do you worry that your child may scratch their face as they play, sleep, or learn to grip objects? Do you detest forcing them to...

Baby Electric Nail Trimmer Manicure Set with LED Light- Pink

QAR 100,00
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Professional Baby Nail Care: Are you concerned that your child could itch their face when they're sleeping, playing, or developing their grasp? Do you detest forcing them to wear baby...

Baby Electric Nail Trimmer By Haakaa

QAR 104,00
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[ Safety and Effective] - Haakaa electric baby nail trimmer is designed to trim and polish toenails and fingernails for babies and adults, it won’t be damage cuticles or nail...

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bblüv Trimö Electric Nail Trimmer for Newborn and Toddler (0 to 12 Months+)

QAR 129,00
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The bblüv Trimö Electric Nail Trimmer is a gentle and versatile tool for trimming and filing the nails of newborns and toddlers, featuring multiple speed settings and safety features for...

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Fridababy 3-In-1 Nose, Nail & Ear Picker

QAR 55,00
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FOUR DIFFERENT TIPS: A convenient tool for picking NOSE: Remove crusties and dried boogers. NAIL: Fresh under-nail filth. EAR: No need for a pinky nail to remove visible wax from...

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Baby Wooden Hair Care Set by KeaBabies

QAR 89,00QAR 80,00
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A new baby can bring you the most joy and love. We understand that you want your baby to be happy and safe. We feel you! Your Baby will be...

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Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator, USB Rechargeable by Haakaa

QAR 161,00
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  The Ideal Treatment for Blocked and Runny Noses electric haakaa The Baby Nasal Aspirator uses gentle yet powerful power suction to treat your child's blocked and runny nose. Forget...

Safety 1st Baby Nail Clipper With Light

QAR 40,00
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With the Safety 1st Sleep Baby Nail Clippers, you may confidently and accurately trim small nails without disturbing your baby. Included is a non-replaceable battery. cutting edges that curve.

Baby Nail Kit, 4-in-1 Baby Nail Care Set

QAR 50,00
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4 IN 1 CONVERTIBLE: This isn’t just a nail clipper but an entire grooming kit containing a baby nail clipper, a non-slip handled baby scissors, soft-tipped tweezers, and a glass...

Thick or Curly Hair Detangling Kids Brush by Fridababy

QAR 60,00
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The detangler brush for thick or curly hair helps you manage your child's knots and tangles without irritating their delicate scalp. The hair detangler brush is specifically made for thicker...

The SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy

QAR 59,00
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All of your trimming problems are resolved with NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set. With a safety spyhole that lets parents see exactly what you're cutting, the nail clipper in the SnipperClipper...

Brush and comb 0m+ By Chicco

QAR 28,00
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The best baby products at the best price. Economy and quality joined together. We care to make your baby's growth always the best.

Baby Nail Clippers by Tommee Tippee

QAR 29,00
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Gentle for delicate nails Rounded edge for safety Moulded handle to prevent slipping

Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator, 0M+

QAR 220,00
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A new, quieter, and stronger battery aspirator is called the "Snotty Boss." It replaces the "Snotty 3" model they've been selling since 2016 after spending two years in research and...

Dr Browns Baby Care Kit Brush Comb Nasal Aspirator Nail Scissors

QAR 47,00QAR 40,00
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Four necessary baby care and grooming items are included in the lovely Baby Care Kit, which comes in the neutral hues of gentle turquoise and white. Using the soft bristle...

FridaBaby Fine or Straight Hair Detangling Kids Brush, Detangles Knots Without Tears or Breakage, Comb Teeth and Bristle Design

QAR 60,00
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The fine or straight hair Detangler Brush helps manage your kid's snarls and knots, without hurting their sensitive scalp. Designed specifically for fine and straight hair, the hair Detangler Brush...

Easy Grip Nail Scissors by Frida Baby

QAR 50,00
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ROUNDED CURVED BLADE tips help aid with the first snip without finger nicks from clippers TACKLE TRIMMING; Handle allows for either left or right handed users for total control GET...

Protect your child from harmful germs and bacteria

Baby nail and hair care products are the most important personal tools that must be provided to the child to preserve the child’s health, avoid infection with infectious diseases and germs, and protect his health as safely as possible.

At Qatar Moms, we provide you with a variety of hygiene tools for children, from the best and finest international brands, that keep the child clean at all times.

Our products

1. Baby nail care tools

Among the most important baby nail care tools that must be provided in order to clean the accumulations of dirt and microbes under the nails of children, including infant nail clippers, scissors, and a nail file, from the best international brands for care and attention to the nails of the hands and feet of children of all ages.

2. Baby hair care products

We also provide you with baby hair care products such as a hairbrush or a soft comb that are made of natural materials that are safe for the health of the child’s hair and increase its softness, making them ideal for daily hair styling and preventing hair from falling out.

3. Nasal aspirators

When the child's nose is blocked and runny, the best hygiene tools for children are used to suction the child's nose, relieve congestion, and help the child with a cold breathe easily by clearing him of the mucus collected inside the nose and protecting him from respiratory infections.

4. Baby ear cleaning tools

It is one of the children's hygiene tools that a mother needs to clean her child’s ear and remove wax and dirt from it in a gentle way. It is made of safe materials that prevent the child’s ear from being allergic, and it does not harm the skin at all.

5. Dental cleaning tools

In order to accustom children to permanently brushing their teeth and to protect their teeth from microbes and germs, we take care to provide you with products that suit all different age groups so as not to harm the child's teeth.

Features of baby hair and nail care products available in Qatar Moms

1. Complies with safety and quality standards

We provide you with children’s hygiene tools from the best international brands, including baby hair care, newborn nail clippers, and other high-quality tools made of materials that are safe for children’s health and suitable for different ages.

2. Suitable for baby's skin

The hygiene tools for children that we offer are soft and delicate, so they do not harm the child's skin, are suitable for sensitive skin, are ideal for cleaning skin of dirt and germs, and do not cause skin allergies.

3. Beautiful and attractive designs

At Qatar Moms, you will find a variety of baby nail care and baby hair care products with wonderful colors and distinctive designs that attract the child.

4. Perfect gift

The hygiene products that we offer you are ideal as gifts that suit children of all ages, and they will undoubtedly appeal to all mothers.

Why choose baby hair and nail care products from Qatar Moms?

1. Variety assortment

In our store, we provide you with a variety of baby nail care and baby hair care products of different shapes and types, with modern and elegant designs, and of quality that deserve your trust.

2. 100% original products

We provide you with reliable and high-quality products, made of wonderful natural materials and attractive colors, that moisturize and maintain the child’s body.

3. Fast delivery

We guarantee the safety of the products you choose, all you have to do is browse the site and choose the product you want, and we will deliver it to you in the specified place in the easiest way possible.

4. long shelf life

You can keep the products that we offer for a long time without them getting damaged, because they are made of the finest materials that make them long-lasting.

5. Affordable prices

At Qatar Moms, we take the economic situation of all customers into account, and we provide you with many different products that suit all people at the lowest prices that satisfy you.

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