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Nasal Aspirators

Nasal Aspirators

FridaBaby Nosefrida The Snotsucker with Travel Case

HYGIENE: When cleaning stuffy noses, disposable filters have been clinically shown to stop the spread of pathogens or mucus to the snot sucker. After each usage, replace the filter. COMFORTABLE...

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Baby Nasal Booger Tool by Little Marry

The best approach to clean your baby's nose and ears is with LITTLE MARY'S BOOGER TOOL FOR BABY NASAL BOOGER & EAR WAX CLEANER. It is our newest booger tool,...

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Nasal Aspirator 20 Hygiene Filters for NoseFrida The Snotsucker by Frida Baby

 DISPOSABLE: After each snotsucking session, discard the used Hygiene Filter and replace it with a new one. FILTERS: Replace after each use to maintain suction effectiveness of the NoseFrida BETTER...

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Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator, USB Rechargeable by Haakaa

  The Ideal Treatment for Blocked and Runny Noses electric haakaa The Baby Nasal Aspirator uses gentle yet powerful power suction to treat your child's blocked and runny nose. Forget...

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Baby Nasal Aspirator with 10 Extra Filters and All-Natural Saline Nasal Spray by Frida Baby

HYGIENIC: Disposable filters are clinically proven to the snot sucker when clearing stuffy noses. Replace filter after every use. (10 Count) COMFORTABLE + NON-INVASIVE: NoseFrida creates a seal with the...

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Electric NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator by Frida Baby

Three levels of electric-powered suction are available. With the inbuilt light, agitated children can be calmed so they can concentrate on the USB. RECHARGEABLE: Recharge on the fly rather than...

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare & Grooming Kit

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Health Care Kit Convenient health care and grooming kit for your little one.

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NoseFrida Saline Mist By Frida Baby

GTFO, SNOT - Loosens stubborn snot, boogers and gunk in baby's nasal passages NOSEFRIDA PRE-GAME - The first step in a seamless SnotSucking sesh NATURALLY SAFE - Saline solution is...

QAR 55,00
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Tommee Tippee Battery Newborn Nasal Aspirator

Ensure your child's comfort and safety with the Tommee Tippee battery newborn nasal aspirator. This innovative device provides an effective and safe solution to relieve nasal congestion in babies and...

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Nuvita - Essential Baby Care Kit

ALL YOU NEED : Our ultimate healthcare baby set comes with all the accessories you need to keep your newborn baby clean and neat. Complete care set to groom your...

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Chicco Physio Clean Nasal Aspirator

Physioclean Nose cleaner that eliminates nasal secretions that can disturb the baby, cleanses and moisturizes the nose of children daily.

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Momcozy Baby Nasal Aspirator

Baby Nasal Aspirator - The Momcozy electric rechargeable nasal aspirator effectively clears your baby's stuffy nose, providing a gentle and efficient solution. Powerful - With 3 levels of suction power,...

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NoseFrida Saline Snot Spray is the all-natural, simple saline solution. And by simple we mean two ingredients - sea salt and water - that's all! The gentle formulation moisturizes nasal...

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Dr Browns Baby Care Kit Brush Comb Nasal Aspirator Nail Scissors

Four necessary baby care and grooming items are included in the lovely Baby Care Kit, which comes in the neutral hues of gentle turquoise and white. Using the soft bristle...

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Babymoov- Baby nail kit for newborn - Grey/Peach

"ESSENTIAL: the Babymoov care kit contains 9 essential accessories for caring for your baby: 1 Digital Thermometer, 1 Baby Aspirator, 1 Pair of Scissors, 1 Nail Trimmer, 1 File, 1...

QAR 240,00

Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator, 0M+

A new, quieter, and stronger battery aspirator is called the "Snotty Boss." It replaces the "Snotty 3" model they've been selling since 2016 after spending two years in research and...

QAR 220,00
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Pigeon Nose Cleaner, BPA Free, 0m+

Pigeon Nose cleaner Aspirador Nasal come with soft nozzel with rubber pump Pigeon Nose cleaner is easy to assemble and having Nozzle Cap for hygienic storage Pigeon Nose cleaner Aspirador...

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The First Years Baby Healthcare Kit

Ideal for traveling, this kit comes with a travel storage bag, nasal aspirator, digital thermometer with case, medicine dropper with cap, medicine spoon with cap, and a nail clipper. This...

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Badabulle Flexible Baby Nasal Aspirator

Hygienic, easy to use, clean and store in its box! Its patented built-in filter acts as a barrier against mucus, so there is no risk of aspirating it! This easy and...

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The First Years Deluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Take care of baby’s wellness and grooming at home or. on the go with The First Years ARC Deluxe Baby Healthcare & Grooming Kit Containing a collection of nursery items,...

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Nasal Aspirators: Gentle Cleaning for Your Baby's Nose So They Can Have a Restful Sleep

The mother and father are most keen on the comfort of their child, especially during sleeping hours. The children's nasal aspirator is an innovative design to provide gentle and effective assistance for mucus blockages inside the nose. Say goodbye to stress and staying up late due to congestion and fatigue. Equipped with an innovative design that ensures effective and safe nasal cleaning to help the little one Breathe easily and sleep peacefully.

Benefits of a nasal suction device for infants

  1. Helping him to sleep happily as a result of the cleanliness of the nose and the absence of any blockages, besides the comfort of the mother as well.
  2. Improving the nature of breathing without any obstacles and promoting its healthy growth properly is important, as your infant is unable to express his needs and what causes him discomfort.
  3. The nasal aspirator is easy to use, making it a simple way to give your child quick help.
  4. Easy to disassemble and clean to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.
  5. It is suitable for travelling, and you can carry it in your diaper bag so that you are always ready to help your little one.

Life with young children and infants is almost too crowded, so you are more in need of these tools that relieve your child's discomfort and may make him feel tired, and his reactions are limited to continuous crying. Because we are always keen to provide him with comfort, we were able to provide this healthy product that is approved by doctors and specialists, meaning that it is safe. It does not pose any harm to your child, as it is made of high-quality medical materials and is gentle on the nasal membranes during use, as it has a soft and gentle silicone tip on its skin.

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