The first time of everything is different, especially if it was the first time to bathe a newborn baby, different feelings between love and fear dominate the mother, and generate inner dread that makes her wonder a lot about the date of bathing the newborn baby, in this article we will talk about the date and steps Baby shower, if you're wondering, read on.

When should you do a baby shower?

Newborn mothers are keen to reduce the number of times they bathe their infant, either because they fear it will be exposed to painful colds, or even allow the skin to absorb the waxy substance that protects it from external microbes and germs, knowing that recent studies indicate that the best time to bathe a newborn is 24 hours after birth, that's why doctors advise mothers to do so.

Newborn bath: how often?

During the first months of the baby’s birth, mothers are advised to bathe infants only twice a week, especially if they are interested in washing the diaper area well at the time of changing it, provided that the child’s body is not exposed to cold air after bathing, and preferably the bathing time is in the evening before the child’s bedtime to help him relax completely.

How to bath newborn baby?

Maintaining the cleanliness of the newborn positively affects the calmness of the child and strengthens his relationship with his mother a lot. We will now tell you about the way to bathe a newborn in the easiest way, namely:

  • Prepare complete baby bathing tools before introducing the baby to the bathroom, which are: a bathtub, high-quality shampoo, a water thermometer, a cotton towel and a soft sponge.
  • Warm the bathroom and fill the bathtub with warm water, taking care to measure the water temperature before the child enters the bathtub, the temperature should not exceed 38 degrees only.
  • Start by washing the child's head and face with lukewarm water and shampoo for hair, cleaning it well, and then drying the hair with its own towel to keep the child's head warm and protect it from the cold.
  • Wash the hands, feet and body of the child using the moisturizing body lotion, massaging the body with a soft sponge, then rinsing it with lukewarm water until it feels warm.
  • Make sure to clean closed areas such as the neck, behind the ears, under the arms, and the diaper area well.
  • Dry the child's body quickly with a cotton towel so that he does not get allergic, then dress your child in clean, cotton clothes that warm his body well.

How to bath newborn baby before the umbilical cord falls?

Before the baby's umbilical cord falls, you can clean your baby's body using a cotton dipped in water, gently wiping all over the body except the genital area. After you are done, dry your baby carefully, and clean the lower area with a new cloth and warm water between the skin folds.

Important tips to bathe a newborn baby safely

  • Use high-quality, fragrance- and chemical-free bath products.
  • Not to lose sight of the child, even for a few seconds, without attention and supervision while bathing.
  • Wipe the child's mouth and eyes with a clean cloth moistened with warm water to avoid harming him.
  • Talk to your baby more often so he can hear your voice and feel safer in the bath.
  • Do not add any liquid detergents to the bathtub, just plain water will suffice.
  • If the baby moves a lot, have someone help you while bathing the baby.
  • Avoid using oils or perfumes for a baby who is less than one month old.

What is the best way to hold a newborn baby while bathing?

In the bathtub, you must be very careful about the way you hold your child tightly, to control and prevent him from slipping, and for his comfort as well. For this reason, you must use your arm to support the child’s head and neck tightly, and use the other arm to enter the child’s body in the bathtub and massage it with the sponge. Be careful and fast and prevent the child from catching a cold.

Dealing with a newborn baby in the bathroom may be stressful and worrying for the mother, because the baby cries and does not want to take a bath, or because the mother is overly concerned about this task. For this reason, in this article, we have provided you with the right way to bathe a newborn, which makes it easier for the mother to bathe her newborn, and makes the child feel comfortable and fun while bathing.