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Baby Keepsake Kits

Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Kit - Baby Frame for Newborn

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The most priceless gift from heaven is having a child. You have a sweet little one to love and cherish, which is a beautiful miracle. The largest imprints are left...

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Newborn Baby Handprint or Footprint Ink Pad by Pearhead

QAR 40,00
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Produces two incredibly detailed prints without any mess and with ease. includes two imprint cards and a "Clean-Touch" ink pad. Baby's foot will never come in contact with ink thanks...

4-Pack Inkless Hand and Footprint Kit

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No Mess, No Residue - Designed to create your baby's hand and footprints without leaving ink residue on your baby’s hands and feet. Our clean touch ink pads use a...

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Elf Star Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Decoration Gifts - Blue

QAR 120,00
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Baby's own handprint and footprint serve as the primary pattern for these elegantly created personalized gifts. High-quality Clay: The clay soil is fine and soft, and it can be stored...

Elf Star Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Decoration Gifts - Pink

QAR 120,00
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Baby's own handprint and footprint serve as the primary pattern for these elegantly created personalized gifts. High-quality Clay: The clay soil is fine and soft, and it can be stored...

Adore Ornament Keepsake Kit (Glaze Finish)

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All-in-1 Baby Ornament Kit - Our Baby Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit Set comes with everything you need to complete your DIY baby's first Christmas ornament. You get: 2 packs...

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

QAR 89,00
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Ideal Baby Shower Gift - If you are looking for a baby shower gift and don't know what to get, this is it! Get baby keepsake gifts that will be...

KeaBabies Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Bundle

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Designed to match any nursery Premium-quality wood frame 100% Glass cover 3 different Insert Cutouts with Silver Embossed Lettering Thoughtful and useful gift loved by new parents Cute gift box...

Preserving precious childhood moments: Exploring the importance of memory kits for children

From the sound of your baby crying for the first time and the traces of tiny hands and feet until the days pass quickly, they are all moments filled with precious memories and strong love. You can keep them in the form of pictures or other forms, such as a hand and foot print on a small circular plate decorated with the date of birth and any other details you would like to add, to make the experience even better. Parenting is an experience full of love and joy
These precious collections carry many valuable memories that are filled with great emotion and play a crucial role in preserving the child’s journey from infancy and childhood to his other stages of life.

Baby Keepsake Kits Products

1. Printing sets on hands and feet

These kits give you the ability to print your child's hand and foot prints on a beautiful, cohesive piece of coloured paste that contains distinctive attachments and new accessories that add a wonderful appearance to the piece, so that you can place it in a designated place in the form of a permanent model of your child's fingerprints as a lasting souvenir.

2. Collections of personal items

This group includes a storage space designated for storing personal items that express the child’s memories, such as birth socks. Some people keep a piece of the child’s umbilical cord, a dryer, a calendar that expresses the date of birth, and many accessories that occupy enough space in the mother’s heart of feelings toward her child.

3. Souvenir toy sets

It contains souvenir toys that children can play with later and keep later. You can also add names and dates to those toys to make them valuable memories.

4. Mathematical time groups

In order to record important developmental events such as the first step or first word, you can track your child's daily and monthly developments and record them in these groups.

Choose what you prefer for your little one and keep your unforgettable memories for a long time to ensure that your precious and special moments are preserved.

The Importance of Personalised Baby Keepsakes

1. A tangible way to capture the essence of your child’s early years. It helps you preserve your children’s memories for the coming days, creating a bridge between the past and the future. Imagine sharing these collections with your child, allowing him to relive his own childhood through these memories.

2. A comprehensive selection to document important moments from the first moments of birth, such as a lock of hair and the child’s first step. These collections provide a dedicated space to accommodate important moments and track the child’s growth and development over time.

3. Whether the achievement is major, such as the first stage of study to graduation from school, you can use memory cards to record his important achievements

4. Strengthening the emotional bond between the mother and her child with every memory

Invest in these cards for your child's age stages to record your family's history and development!

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