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Baby Teethers

Baby Silicone Pacifier holder

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Food-grade silicone that is 100% natural beech wood beads. BPA Free and 100% Food Grade Silicone Teething Pacifier Clip, "FOOD GRADE SILICONE." No phthalates, pvc, cadmium, lead, or metals; safe...

Nuby Nana Nubs Banana Massager

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The Nana Nubs massager by Nuby was specifically created to encourage good oral hygiene habits. It is made from soft 100% silicone bristles for baby's comfort. Nana Nubs are sized...

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Philips Avent Pacifier Animal Holder

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A pacifier animal holder is the baby's first friend from age 0 to 3 months. It is designed with an elephant-shaped filling that keeps it close to the baby and...

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Baby Teething Glove Age 3-18 Months, Blue, 2pcs

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WHY MOMS AND DADDIES ADORE OUR TEETHING MITTEN By acting as a self-soothing pain reliever, our teething mittens assist your baby in developing teeth pleasantly and healthily. Our mittens keep...

Baby Teething Glove Age 3-18 Months, Pink, 2 pcs

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WHY MOMS AND DADDIES ADORE OUR TEETHING MITTEN By acting as a self-soothing pain reliever, our teething mittens assist your baby in developing teeth pleasantly and healthily. Our mittens keep...

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

QAR 40,00
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The Nuby Ice Gel Teeth Keys contain non-toxic purIce Gel that allows it to stay cool for long periods. The cool texture soothes and stimulates sore gums. Teething nubs can...

Smily Mia Hand Pacifier & Teething for Feeding - Penguin

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A silicone hand pacifier and teether is a baby product designed to soothe and provide relief to teething infants during the teething process. It is made of food-grade silicone, which is...

Pacifier Fruit Mesh For Infants by Ashtonbee (2 Pack)

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Pacifiers Fruit mesh is one of the necessary types of pacifiers for infants during the teething period. They solve multiple problems at once, allowing for the insertion of fresh fruits...

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Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether

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The Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle is a popular and beloved toy for infants and young children. It is designed to engage and stimulate a child's multiple senses. The different colors...

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Dr. Brown's Silicone Fruit Feeder

QAR 28,00
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A Dr. Brown fruit feeder that both soothes and feeds the child assists him in becoming accustomed to eating foods, becoming accustomed to different tastes, and gaining the eating skill...

Triple-Angle Toothbrush for Oral Care, by FridaBaby

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A toddler's teeth can be difficult to brush. The Triple-Angle Toothhugger's 3-sided brush head, which cleans all three sides of the teeth simultaneously, makes short work of cleaning little teeth....

Dr. Brown's Silicone Finger Toothbrush with Case

QAR 18,00
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100% silicone brush - super-soft for baby Dual sided - cleans and massages baby's sensitive gums Fits over adult finger - easy to brush baby's teeth and gums Protective storage...

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether, Orange

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Hygienic soft silicone simple to clean little finger size non-choking construction several locations to grasp and grip

Silicone Pacifier Clip for Baby

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Pacifier Clip Colors Available: Pink & Blue

Dr. Brown's Giraffe Toothbrush and Strawberry Toothpaste Set

QAR 60,00
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The Infant-to-Toddler toothbrush set from Dr. Brown's is the ideal pair! Together, they thoroughly clean the teeth and gums of your child. The Infant-to-Toddler toothbrush's ultra-soft bristles will help you...

Babyworks - Teething Mitt

QAR 42,00
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Multiple silicone teething surfaces helps comfort babies delicate budding teeth and tender gums Adjustable Velcro strap keeps it securely in place Perfect for either hand - right or left while...

Boon -Pulp Silicone Feeder - Orange/Blue

QAR 39,00
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CONVENIENT DESIGN: The small holes on this silicone feeder help the baby with self feeding; Small handles help baby grip the feeder MULTIPURPOSE FEEDER: This baby silicone feeder can be...

Not-Too-Cold-to-Hold BPA-Free Silicone Teether for Babies by Frida Baby

QAR 79,00
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NOT-COLD HANDLE: Safe-to-chew silicone handle stays at room temp so baby's hands don't get chilly. Handle is dishwasher safe MULTI-SIDED: Two double-sided inserts with four different shapes cool all new...

Training Toothbrush for Babies with Soft Silicone Bristles by Frida Baby

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TRIPLE-ANGLE: Soft, triple-angle silicone bristles massages all sides of gums at once EASY TO HOLD: Easy-grip loop handle is designed for little ones to hold (and chew) PARENT-PROOF: Removable stopper...

Baby Banana Brush For Infants Teeth - Yellow

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The banana brush for teething is a popular baby product designed to promote oral hygiene and help with teething. It is made from 100% food-grade silicone and is BPA-free and phthalate-free...

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Orajel NonMedicated Cooling Teething Gel, Daytime

QAR 45,00
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Benzocaine free formula For babies 3+ months Provides an instant cooling sensation that soothes teething gums Apply to the affected area up to 4 times daily or as directed by...

BABY ELEFUN Teething Toy Ring, Effective & Easy to Hold BPA Free Silicone Elephant Teethers, 0-12 Months

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100% Food Grade Teething Silicone ELEFUN Teether - The Only Mom Consortium Created, 2x Safety Checked teething toys for babies 0-6 months PLUS that ultra-drooly baby 6 to 12 months...

Haakaa Teether Feeder

QAR 75,00
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The haakaa teether feeder offers a safe and convenient way to introduce solid foods to your baby while soothing teething discomfort. It promotes self-feeding and helps develop your baby's chewing...

B Box Fresh Food Feeder - Lemon Sherbet

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B box fresh food feeder It is an ideal way to introduce fresh foods and solids safely and hygienically. It is designed with an ergonomic handle that is easy for...

Teethers: Soothing Relief for Teething Babies

Our teething products are designed to provide gentle and effective relief for your little one's teething discomfort. We understand that teething can be a challenging phase for both babies and parents, which is why we have curated a range of high-quality teethers that are safe, durable, and specifically designed to soothe sore gums. Explore our teething collection and discover the perfect solution for your baby's teething needs.

Teething is a natural and exciting milestone in a baby's life, but it can also bring discomfort and irritability. To help your little one through this phase, we offer a wide range of teething products designed to provide soothing relief and aid in their oral development. Here are some popular types of teething products available:

Teething Toys

  • Soft and chewable toys specifically designed for teething babies
  • Made from baby-safe materials like silicone, rubber, or natural wood
  • Textured surfaces to massage and soothe sore gums
  • Various shapes and sizes to accommodate different stages of teething
  • Easy for babies to hold and manipulate

Teething Rings

  • Circular rings made from safe materials for babies to chew on
  • Provides a firm surface for babies to apply pressure on their gums
  • Cool in the refrigerator for added relief on swollen gums
  • Lightweight and easy to grasp
  • Some rings may have different textures or bumps for additional stimulation

Teething Necklaces

  • Necklaces designed for moms to wear, with teething beads for babies to chew on
  • Made from non-toxic materials such as silicone or natural wood
  • Fashionable and functional accessory for both mom and baby
  • Beads are securely knotted or feature breakaway clasps for safety
  • Offers teething relief while on the go

Teething Pacifiers

  • Pacifiers with teething-friendly features
  • Textured surfaces or bumps on the nipple to massage gums
  • Made from BPA-free, baby-safe materials
  • Helps satisfy the baby's natural sucking instinct while soothing their gums
  • Available in various sizes and designs to suit different ages and preferences

Teething Gel

  • Topical gels designed to provide temporary relief for teething discomfort
  • Applied directly to the gums using a clean finger or cotton swab
  • Formulated with safe ingredients to numb and soothe the affected area
  • Always follow the instructions and consult with a healthcare professional before use
  • Offers localized relief for teething babies

These are just a few examples of the types of teethers available in our store to help alleviate your baby's teething discomfort. Remember to choose teething pacifier that are age-appropriate, safe, and meet the necessary quality standards. Keep an eye on your baby's teething progress and consult with healthcare professionals for additional guidance and recommendations.

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