Mothers are always looking for a way to stimulate breastfeeding, in particular, mothers at first birth, in order to get a satisfying amount of milk for the baby, the breastfeeding stimulation becomes a necessity when the baby starts losing weight or does not grow normally during the first 6 months. For those reasons, we will show you how to stimulate breast milk supply.

How to breastfeeding stimulation

Here is a set of ideas recommended by many specialists for breastfeeding stimulation, including:

  • It’s recommended to start breastfeeding stimulation immediately. It depends on the mother's situation; but also necessary in the first hours after birth unless the mother has to wait as long as she needs to recover.
  • Using a breast pump regularly: The greater the amount of breast milk that is pumped, the greater the production of milk from the breast. If she is a working mother, she can rely on the pump every couple of hours for 15 minutes, also, there are double pumps that pump both breasts.
  • Frequently breastfeed the baby: The baby needs to breastfeed 8 to 12 times every day, if the baby wants more, it is useful to stimulate breast milk supply.
  • The mother has to make sure that her baby applies his mouth to her breast correctly during breastfeeding, it stimulates the baby's ability to swallow and stimulates breast milk supply.
  • The mother has to breastfeed the baby from both breasts alternately in order to stimulate breast milk supply better.
  • The mother should take time for breastfeeding, it is important to keep a breastfeeding schedule, as we explained before, if she is a working mother, it is preferable to rely on the pump at times when she can’t breastfeed her baby.
  • The mother should avoid taking any treatment or medication that causes a decrease in the breast milk supply. Also, the mother should consult the doctor before taking any medicine.
  • The mother should avoid feeding foods to the baby during the first six months because it may cause the baby to avoid breast milk.
  • The mother should also avoid smoking because it is a very negative factor in reducing breast milk supply.

The breast stimulation for breastfeeding

Sometimes, mothers need to stimulate breast milk supply or breastfeeding stimulation so that she stimulates breast milk supply to store and keep it in custom bottles along with some other methods to increase breastfeeding stimulation, including:

  • The mother should make a daily routine, such as sitting in the same place and sitting on a sofa or a comfortable chair, with a drink before the start of breastfeeding stimulation, provided that it is a healthy drink in order to stimulate breast milk supply.
  • The mother should drink 1-3 cups of water before the start of breastfeeding the baby.
  • Imagination, some mothers may be surprised by this word, but in fact, imagination helps greatly in stimulating breastfeeding naturally. A mother can close her eyes and imagine a river flowing and this will help her breast milk supply.
  • Looking at the baby, when the baby is sleeping close to the mother, she can look at him whenever she feels despair about her ability to milk supply and this will motivate her to keep trying without despair.
  • Being calm. it is necessary for the mother to focus and sit in a quiet place in order to stimulate her senses to stimulate breast milk supply, also, she may listen to music and dim the light, e.g., by lighting a scented candle.
  • The best time for the mother to stimulate milk supply is in the morning, immediately after waking up, and she will find that the breast milk is abundant.
  • The mother should eat a portion of healthy balanced food.
  • Eating various kinds of food may stimulate milk supply such as oats, barley, papaya, whole grains, carrots, spinach, cumin seeds, and brown rice while staying away from mint and common sage.
  • The mother should get plenty of sleep with rest and no stress.
  • The mother should avoid artificial feeding because it reduces stimulate breast milk supply when the baby gets used to it.

Breastfeeding stimulation before birth

There are a number of factors that can stimulate breast milk supply before birth, including:

  • Mothers have to make sure to massage breasts every day from inside out in the nipple direction, but gently using the fingertips.
  • Breasts can be moisturized day after day using olive oil or a specialized moisturizing cream so that the skin does not dry out.
  • It is necessary to take care of the nipples in particular, whether by massaging or moisturizing with creams or lotions, if the nipple is flat, you can try to pull it out, but gently.
  • Mothers should wear appropriate breastfeeding brassieres to relax the chest and shoulders, and pregnant women can begin to get used to wearing the breastfeeding brassieres.
  • In the last period of pregnancy, the breast may begin milk supply, so it is preferable to use a breast diaper.

How to stimulate nipples for breastfeeding

There are some methods in which the nipples can be stimulated for breastfeeding, including:

  • The mother can pull the nipples out and massage for a minute before feeding, then apply cold compresses while cold helps keep the two nipples protruding.
  • Using Hoffman's exercises through holding the nipples gently for seconds while pulling them out in a circular motion, is preferable after birth, because these exercises may stimulate preterm birth.
  • in case the nipple was flat, there are now breast covers in the shape of light plastic hollow discs that are placed inside the bra and have more than one shape that corrects and extends the nipple in order to prepare for breastfeeding and stimulate breast milk supply.

Finally, we have explained the breastfeeding stimulation methods which may help all mothers, especially mothers who give the first birth, to stimulate breast milk supply naturally, and it is preferable to consult a doctor in all cases.