The bra is one of the indispensable pieces of underwear for any woman. It is not just a piece of underwear, but it is very important for the final look of the clothes to be elegant and highlight the shape of the body and breast in particular. Even though this piece of clothing is extremely important, many women wear the wrong bra because they do not know the correct size that fits them. Therefore, today I'm going to tell you about bra sizes and how to choose the right size.

How to know the right bra size

You can easily determine your bra size by following these three steps. In order to explain the three steps, you will need to wear a thin, non-padded bra so that your breasts look normal. Be sure to stand straight in front of the mirror as well.

The first step: measure the bottom of the chest

To measure your body diameter, stand up straight and roll the tape measure just below your chest. Ensure that the tape measure is tight around your body to get the correct size; the number will show you the right bra size. Observe that if your measurement is odd, your bra size will be either 1 higher or lower, since all bra sizes are even.

The second step: measure the circumference of the chest

 This step involves measuring the chest itself. Stand straight and wrap the measuring tape around your chest, directly in the middle, and record the chest measurement.

Step Three: Measure the Cup's Size

The most important step in knowing the right bra size for you is determining the cup or bra size. You will do a simple arithmetic operation, which is to subtract the body measurement and the number you got in the first step of measuring the bra and the number you got in the second step, and the result will be the cap measurement. Each number has a symbol or letter that you will find in all bras to choose the right one for you:

0 = AA








 Thus, the appropriate bra size for you is the lower chest measurement + the cap size. For example, the lower chest measurement may be 38, the chest size is 41, and the cap size is 41 - 38 = 3, this means that your measurement is 38C.

How to choose the right Bra for your breast shape

The size of a woman's breasts varies by nature, as well as by her age and physical stage. There are women who have large breasts, others who have small breasts, and so on. They each have a bra that fits their body type. 

Women with large breasts

You should choose bras that are not padded and avoid push-ups or puffy bras that raise the breasts. You should strive to choose bras that make the breasts look smaller, which are called Minimizers. You should also choose comfortable bras and avoid very small sizes, which can harm the breast shape. It is also important to choose a bra with wide straps in order to reduce the weight of the breasts and to comfort the shoulders.

Women with small breasts

 In fact, these ladies need push-up bras, which raise the breasts and make them appear bigger. A half-cup bra shows part of the breast, making it appear larger. If you choose a size much greater than the breast size, your breast will appear strangely shaped. 

Women during pregnancy and lactation

The size of the breast increases during pregnancy and lactation, and women need certain bras for this period. Bras must be comfortable, flexible and practical to maintain the shape of the breast. 

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Women who have different size breasts

For women with larger breasts than another, you should choose a bra that fits the large breast, but the bra should be padded to fit the small breast and make it appear equal to the larger breast.

General tips for choosing the right bra

  • You should choose the right size bra for you so that wearing a larger or smaller bra does not affect your breast shape.
  • You should sleep without a bra so your breasts can breathe.
  • Ensure that your bra is suitable for the clothes you plan to wear.
  •  Don't wear your bra more than twice a week.
  •  You should make sure the bra cap covers the entire breast without sticking out from the sides.
  • Bras can be wired or wireless. The most comfortable bra is a cordless bra, while the most stable and supportive bra is a wired bra.