The pregnancy belt isn't just an accessory used during pregnancy to give the pregnant an elegant and taut look, but rather an innovative solution to help the pregnant skip the pregnancy period comfortably without feeling harmful and disturbing pain as a result of the increased fetus weight. It also strengthens and stabilizes the abdomen and relieves pressure on the back and pelvis.

In this article, you will learn about the pregnancy belt benefits and harms, and how to wear it.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Belt

1. Consistent the abdomen appearance

The pregnancy belt is used to give the pregnant a beautiful and harmonious external appearance. It can be worn under formal clothes, dresses, and sportswear easily, and it is not visible from under the clothes at all.

2. Support the abdominal and back muscles

The pregnant belt is suitable for cases of weak muscles in the abdomen and back, which stabilizes the abdomen and helps the back bear the pressure on it.

3. Reducing lower back pain

A pregnancy belt can reduce periodic lower back pain, resulting from increased abdominal weight and hormonal changes, by supporting the spine by solid supports.

4. Facilitate daily activities

The pregnancy belt enables the pregnant woman to move comfortably and without pain, and enables her to sit down easily and comfortably, because it relieves pressure on the back and pelvis, and it is also suitable for use during simple exercise without worrying about excessive effort.

5. Abortion reduction

The pregnancy belt helps to get rid of abdominal cramps and pressure on the internal organs due to weight gain and hormonal changes, which reduces the chances of contractions that lead to premature birth.

How to wear a pregnancy belt?

  1. Fixing the back belt supports
  2. Wrap the belt around the abdomen and make sure it is closed
  3. Don't press on the abdomen, so as not to impair blood circulation
  4. If severe pain occurs, consult a doctor immediately to treat it

What are the types of pregnancy belts?

1.Support belt

The supportive belt is designed to tighten the lower abdomen, prevent swelling in the upper feet and reduce the appearance of varicose veins. It also helps the pelvis to relax and rest, and it is adjustable by choosing the level of pressure that is right for you.

2. Belly and back belt

It is designed to support the abdomen middle and the pregnant back. It is made of polyester and cotton fabrics, and it wraps around the abdomen strongly. It can be worn under clothes to walk, sit and bend comfortably.

3. Prenatal belt

In the last stage of pregnancy, the pregnancy belts provide full support for the abdomen, relieve the weight on the back, and help relax the pelvis to facilitate birth, and reduce swelling and pain in the feet.

4. Mini belt

Intended for women suffering from back and abdominal pain, sciatica and hip fractures, as it relieves symptoms, reduces pain and improves blood circulation to the pelvis.

What are the disadvantages of the pregnancy belt?

The pregnancy belt doesn't cause any side effects Unless it is used in the wrong way. The damages that we will mention now result from the misuse it, which are:

  1. Excessive Wearing a pregnancy belt prevents blood flow to the abdomen, which reduces the blood supply to the fetus and effects on the fetus growth and health.
  2. Wearing a pregnancy belt for too long gives unexpected adverse results affecting the mother and fetus, such as pelvic pain.

4 Things to consider before buying a pregnancy belt

  1. Cost: Many of the pregnancy belts available in the market have very high prices, so pay attention to the appropriate quality and compare prices in more than one store.
  2. Quality: Women resort to the pregnancy belt for functional matters that help to pass the pregnancy period successfully. When choosing a pregnancy belt, pay attention to the thickness and durability of the filling.
  3. Supports: Choose a pregnancy belt that has solid support for fixing it well, preventing lumps or rippling under the clothes.
  4. Size: Choose a pregnancy belt with the size that fits the stage of pregnancy as well as the size of the mother, so as not to cause pressure on the internal organs and affect the fetus growth.
In this article, we have learned about the best pregnancy support belt necessary to give the pregnant comfort and relaxation, and in order to get the best pregnancy belt, we invite you to visit the Qatar Mums website and choose the belt that suits you.