After the pregnancy and little baby birth, the mother is searching for ways to restore her agility and her flat stomach, and one of these ways is wearing an abdominal belt after c section, as one of the methods of losing weight and restoring the abdomen to its normal position.

What are the benefits of wearing an abdominal belt after c section?

1. Body supporting

The abdominal binder after c section improves body posture and supports the internal and external organs, especially for women who suffer from separation of the abdominal muscles, because it supports and heals the muscle.

2. Reducing belly fat and sagging

tummy binder after c section contributes to straightening the abdomen by tightening the sagging skin and redistributing the fatty mass within a short period of time.

3. Reducing back and pelvic pain

The abdominal belt after c section speeds up recovery after childbirth, and restores the pelvic bones to its previous stability, which relieves pelvic pain and reduces pressure on the back.

4. Increase mum's self-confidence

Wearing a tummy binder after c section gives the mother a beautiful appearance that increases her self-confidence, she can wear it under formal clothes and on various occasions without it protruding from the clothes.

5. Move comfortably

The abdominal binder after c section improves the mother's sitting and standing position without feeling pain, because it increases blood flow in the body and does not affect the breathing process.

When do I wear an abdominal belt after delivery?

The mother can wear an abdominal belt immediately after childbirth if her birth was normal, but if it was a c section, she must consult a doctor before wearing the abdominal belt in order to check on her wound health. In general, an abdominal belt after c section can be used from one week to four weeks after the wound has healed, to prevent the external pressure on the wound that may cause infections and bleeding and slow down the healing.

What is the best abdominal belt after c section?

There are different types of abdominal belt available for use after a c section, and a choice between them according to each mother’s need and preference, which are:

1. Fabric abdominal belt

  • Elastic belt

Made of high-quality, soft and elastic fabrics that do not irritate the skin and facilitate movement without pressing hard to hinder breathing.

  • Underwear belt

This type of corset helps tighten the abdomen and improve its appearance, but it is not practical and is not effective.

2. Compression belt

  • Broad belt

One of the best abdominal belts after c section that help straighten the abdomen, because it covers it completely, and helps support and strengthen the abdominal muscles without affecting the c wound.

  • Corsets

These belts are made of soft, elastic fibers that wrap around the middle of the abdomen to tighten the waist from the area under the breasts to around the buttocks.

What are the criteria for choosing an abdominal belt after delivery?

  1. Start searching for the best abdominal belt before the cesarean, to compare the types with each other and choose the best one.
  2. Choose the soft, comfortable, and elastic abdominal binder after the c section so that you can sit and stand comfortably.
  3. Avoid high pressure belts to prevent pressure on the blood vessels and cause breath shortness and wound healing difficulty.
  4. It is preferable not to wear a tummy binder after c section for a long time because it will cause adverse results such as muscle weakness, and irritation and rashes.
  5. Choosing an adjustable belt, which allows you to adjust the waist area as needed, to prevent pressure on the wound and harming it.
The use of a abdominal belt after c section is very effective in tightening the sagging abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth, but its results require a long time up to 6 weeks, and in order to speed up the results, it is preferable to use it with a healthy diet and a commitment to practicing permitted exercises, such as brisk walking and yoga, and you must consult a doctor about the wound health situation, to determines the appropriate date to start wearing it, and he also advises you to choose the best abdominal belt after c section, to obtain one visit Qatar Moms and choose the appropriate.