Child crying is the basic means of communication and expression of feelings and needs, and the mother may become distressed and disturbed if she doesn’t know how to calm a baby down.

In this article, we will learn about the crying reasons of the baby and calm a crying baby down.

What are the reasons for infant crying?

A baby doesn’t cry for no reason, knowing the reason may seem difficult to the mother, especially if it is her first child, so we have collected for you the common reasons that help you discover your child's continuous crying.

1. Need a sleep

A newborn baby needs 16 hours of sleep, and when the baby feels sleepy and tired, he quickly expresses that by crying, and the mother must provide him with the right atmosphere to sleep.

2. Loneliness

Many mothers do not realize tthe importance of her presence next to the child, so she notices her child's continuous crying, and when she holds and carries him, he calms down and stops crying. The child desperately needs to feel close to the mother even if he doesn't need to breastfeed.

3. Feeling wet

When the child feels upset and uncomfortable because of the wet diaper, he will automatically cry. Therefore, checking the child's hygiene more than once during the day is one of the most important things that guarantee baby soothin and the safety of his skin.

4. Teething

The difficult stage that all children go through causes them inconvenience and pain. The child may cry at this stage because he needs a sedative to reduce heat and pain, or because he needs a pacifier that enables him to put pressure on the gums and relieve their pain.

5. Feeling hungry

The child cries in order to express his hunger and to alert the mother. Crying is considered the last thing that the child turns to express his need for food when the mother doesn’t notice other signals such as increased movement, sucking fingers, and repeated passing of the hand over the face.

6. Restrict his movement

When the child's movement is restricted and his limbs are fixed with the belt, the child tries to obtain his freedom, and if he cannot extricate himself, he will resort to crying as a means of rescue, and obtaining freedom. The child will stop crying when you allow him to move his limbs well.

How to calm a baby down?

There is no need for worry and confusion when you can’t stop a child crying, you can now learn about ways to calm the infant and deal with it in the right way.

1. Cuddle the infant

The child's feeling of love and safety is one of the methods necessary for baby soothin. When the mother holds her child for a few minutes, the child will calm down and stop crying, especially if she whispers some words in his ear so that he hears her voice and feels comfortable.

2. Give the infant a warm bath

One of the successful ways for baby soothin is to take a bath with warm water, because it helps the child to relax, especially if the child's body is massaged with gentle oils such as lavender.

3. Distract the child with a pacifier and music

For baby soothing, play the sounds he loves to hear, such as soft music that gives the child comfort, and give him a pacifier, especially during the teething stage, as one of the effective ways to relieve pain and stop crying.

4. put the infant to sleep

If sleepiness is the cause of the child's crying, the best solution to calm him down is to help him sleep in the way he is used to, such as feeding, placing him in a rocking cradle, or massaging between the eyes, behind the ears, and the forehead in circular motions that help him sleep.

5. Treating abdominal cramps

Colic and bloating are among the most common reasons that make a child cry. To get rid of them, give the child some soothing herbs such as caraway and anise, and put the child on his stomach and massaging the abdomen and pressing it lightly. Lying on the stomach is very comfortable for the child, but not for long.

6. Changing the baby's diaper

check the child's diaper continuously, to check whether it is clean or dirty, because its fullness makes the child feel uncomfortable and may cause painful abrasions in the child's skin that make him cry constantly.

7. Hiking with the child

Refreshing the air and seeing the outside light helps the baby to relax, put your baby in the stroller or your car to take him for a picnic, he will stop crying automatically.

8. Ask for help

If the previous methods do not work and your child never stops crying, seek the help of family and friends, or consult a specialist doctor to examine the child and discover the cause of his continuous crying.

These were the most important reasons and ways for baby soothing. We wish your baby comfort and calm, and we wish you a quiet, enjoyable and easy maternity period.