Baby carriers are among the things that every mother is interested in preparing to create the appropriate atmosphere for the comfort and calm of her child, and to be able to perform her routine work easily without neglecting her child or letting him cry.

So she searches a lot for different types of baby carriers and their prices that suit the mother and the child, whether inside or outside the home.

In this article, we will talk about the best baby carriers and their benefits

Best baby carriers types

  • Chicco CH110-5 Soft Baby Carrier

It is considered one of the best types of baby carriers that suit all mothers and is intended for children from birth to 9 months, characterized by its high quality and wonderful quality, it has a great ability to bear the weight of the child without interruption or erosion, supported by a fixed belt at the lower back, and lined from the inside with a strong material and padded on all sides and the shoulder so that the mother does not suffer pain, in addition it provides 3 different positions for the child, taking into account the safety of the legs and without affecting its growth, available in all Arab countries at reasonable prices for everyone.

  • Baby Carrier from TULA

One of the most preferred types of baby carriers for women, made of high-quality cotton fabric, which makes it durable, strong and bear the weight of the child, in addition the cotton is very soft on the child’s skin, it has a small pillow to support the child’s neck, which provides him with complete comfortable sleep, as well as It can be washed with a washing machine with ease, provides a comfortable experience for the baby and the mother, and is suitable for the child from birth to a year

  • Carrier from BABY CARRIER

One of the global baby carriers that is easy to use and very comfortable for the baby and the mother, it can be adjusted to 4 positions forward, backward, reverse, lying down and sleeping position, in addition to a fixed backrest and a comfortable padded seat that allows air, holds up to 9 kg, and fits every stage of the child’s growth.

  • Ainomi Baby Carrier

The best baby carriers that suit mothers and fathers, made of high quality materials, with adjustable positions according to the child’s age, from birth to 3 months in one shoulder position, and from the third month to the sixth month in a vertical front position and the child’s face outward, while children over 6 months with a carrying position on the back, and the waist belt is also adjustable, in addition to a small pocket that can be placed small items such as a phone, its price is reasonable and everyone can have it.

  • Pétit Bébé Baby Carrier

One of the most important brands suitable for both sexes from 2 kg up to 12 kg, made of the finest materials that resist water and lined with cotton, the child can be placed inside it with the face of the mother or his back against the mother, it is characterized by the presence of side belts to ensure the safety of the child, with a belt for an area waist without affecting the baby's legs, and in affordable prices.

  • Ergobaby Adapt Cool Baby Carrier

One of the best types of baby carriers suitable for children from 7 kg to 18 kg, suitable for any possible situation without affecting the growth of the child, made of high quality fabrics and provide appropriate ventilation for the child, as it is flexible and easy to adjust and has a special extra cover, its price is very economic and suitable for different Categories.

It is one of the best types of adjustable baby carriers with 4 different positions, ideal for carrying children from 5 kg up to 18 kg, it comes with a chair in a narrow position that supports the head of the infant and is comfortable for him, and a wide position enables the older child to sit on the chair comfortably, and it also forms a bib to protect the baby carriers and baby's clothes from getting dirty, as well as a small pocket.

How to choose the best baby carriers types

  1. Choose strong and durable baby carriers, made of high-quality materials to protect the child at all times.
  2. Pay attention to the positions of the baby carriers, the position of the head, neck, back and legs, to ensure the child's complete comfort and proper development.
  3. Choose a baby carrier that is easy to clean and sterilize to protect the child from germs and pollutants that cause him diseases.
  4. Pay attention to the weight allowed in the carrier and the appropriate age of the child, and do not exceed the permissible for the safety of the child.
  5. Pay attention to the elasticity of the side belts, the waist belts and the back so that they do not cause any pressure and pain for the baby and the mother as well.
  6. Finally, do not put the child in it for long periods, do not move the child for long distances, and move your child's muscles from time to time to be safe.

Baby carriers have become important necessities for carrying a baby safely. To get the best types of baby carriers from international brands, please visit the Qatar Moms store and choose the appropriate one.