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Grabease Allover Bib Self-Feeding Infants and Toddlers, Machine Washable, Ages 6-24 Months

STRESS-FREE JOY: Delight in your baby's self-feeding journey with our innovative all-over bib, perfect for high chairs and baby chairs. Designed for busy parents and hungry toddlers, this waterproof bib...

Grabease Silicone Suction Plate for Baby & Toddler Self-Feeding, 6-Section Dish With Stay-Put Grip, BPA and Phthalates-Free, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

INDEPENDENT EATING: This silicone plate for babies and toddlers features a divided design that makes it easy to serve different foods and prevent spills. With a strong suction base, it...

Grabease Baby Bowls Silicone Bowls for Toddler Baby Feeding Divided Bowl, Dishwasher and Sterilizer Safe

LESS MESS, MORE SMILES: Introducing Grabease's suction silicone bowls, the perfect feeding supplies for your little one! Say goodbye to spills and frustration with our baby bowls with suction. Made...

Grabease Double Sided Toothbrush

INDEPENDENT TOOTHBRUSHING: Introducing our revolutionary baby toothbrush! Designed for independent brushing in 1-2-year-old toddlers, this toothbrush promotes positive oral hygiene. With a dual-sided design, it's perfect for 12-month-old babies and...

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