From the first moment that mother discovers that she has a new baby on the way, the ideas and plans begin to complete everything you need for a newborn from his things, clothes, and bed, she makes sure to provide items needed for the newborn from the top of his head to his toes.

Here the mother begins to ask questions and think about the most appropriate time to start preparing, looking forward to seeing her little one, and may be a bit confused, so through this article, we instructed mothers about the most important items needed for a newborn to prepare and buy during pregnancy.

Let's agree that every mother has needs and abilities that differ from others based on her circumstances and abilities. As a mother, make sure that you never compare yourself to others and make beautiful moments and memories that belong to you and your family only.

The most important tips to keep in mind when preparing new born checklist, as follows:

  1. It is preferable to buy clothes at a time when you feel that you have the ability to go out, and the preparation is based on the season. For example, if the birth month is summer, you must bring light cotton clothes with sleeves to prevent allergies and cold, and then calculate the months and accordingly bring the rest of the clothes for the next six months.
  2. Do not overload the items and clothes that are related to the first and second months, because your newborn will grow quickly in the first months.
  3. Make sure to provide the following newborn list:
  • Four or six bibs, because it is considered one of the important pieces in the newborn list to keep the baby's clothes clean and smells fragrant.
  • Cotton baby suit according to the season (bring 4-8 pieces) must be made of cotton and its feel is soft, because the child's body is thin and sensitive to the simplest things, and the sleeves should be wide so as not to cause irritation and redness.
  • Socks, it is known that the infant's limbs remain cold, so it is important to cover them with socks to protect them from the cold, which may spread to all of his body and negatively affect the child's mood and health.
  • Gloves, which are important in the winter to protect the little one's hands from cold, disease transmission and influenza, because the child's immunity is weak and he is clearly affected by any sudden change that happens to him.
  • Small and large towels should be chosen soft, not rough and suitable for the child.
  • Outer clothing such as sets and pyjamas.
  • A bath towel with a hood. It is necessary to cover the child's head at the end of the bath to prevent colds and diseases.
  • A headgear, important when going out, especially at the beginning of the fall season and beyond, to maintain the immunity and health of your newborn.
  • Care products (shampoo, body lotion, powder, cotton, small scissors).
  • Cotton diapers suitable for his age.

Second: Breastfeeding devices.

  • Bottle for artificial milk.
  • Breast pump (if you need it), a breast pump is very important for working mothers.
  • Nursing cover.
  • Pacifier.

Third: Bathing utensils

  • Plastic basin.
  • A gentle towel for the baby's body.
  • Bath sponge.
  • Moisturizing cream.
  • Massage oil.
  • cotton.
  • A soft towel.
  • Comb and brush.
  • Antiseptic.

Fourth: Picnic essentials

  • Exit cart.
  • Cover for carrying and wrapping the child.
  • A table to put the child on when changing.
  • Regular and wet wipes.
  • Number of diapers
  • Empty bags (to put dirty things).
  • Additional clothing set.
  • Mini game.
  • Pacifier.

We proceed to the preparation of the birth bag for the infant:

  1. More than one baby suit must be placed, as the mother’s stay in the hospital may be prolonged, so be prepared for all circumstances.
  2. Providing comfortable clothes, gloves and socks.
  3. Wet and non-wet nappies and wipes.
  4. A suitable and warm blanket, whether the weather is hot or cold, because newborns feel cold in all cases due to the different place and weather.

Here, we hope that we have put you on the right road and provided you with some tips in order to start preparing everything you need for a newborn with knowledge of the care and attention your child needs to maintain his healthy body from the first moment he goes out into this world and sees the light.

We ask God to complete your pregnancy and birth well and to see your newborn in your hands.