Being a mother isn't easy. The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, and the abdomen becomes flabby and very loose because the muscles are at their weakest. As soon as a baby is born, the uterus begins to shrink back to its original size, and the body begins to recover. Do not worry, postpartum massage can help you recover quickly.

Traditionally, massage has been considered a therapy for those in need of healing. Some believe that it helps women deliver more easily and recover more quickly after childbirth. Are postpartum belly massages really necessary? What are the benefits of postpartum massage? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Postpartum Massage?

A postpartum massage can help women ease into motherhood by enhancing their emotional and physical well-being. Also, it help you recover from a miscarriage or an unsuccessful delivery (stillbirth). Massage offers several therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, stress reduction, and relaxation. Postpartum massage provides all of these benefits, as well as helping new moms recover quicker and stay healthier.

These are some of the general benefits of massage:

  • pain relief
  • stress reduction
  • relaxation

During your fourth trimester, massage has specific health benefits.

The following are some of the benefits of postpartum massage

1- Reduced swelling

 During labor, many women find that their bodies swell. Getting massaged can help the body to redistribute water and drain and circulate excess fluids by stimulating the lymphatic drainage that helps to remove excess fluids and waste products.

2- Improved milk production

 The results of a study published in 2020 found that massage could aid breast milk supply by improving circulation and releasing hormones such as Oxytocin, which triggers the milk-releasing letdown reflex. You might leak breast milk during your massage, so keep your breastfeeding bra on with some breast pads.

3- Hormone regulation

Postpartum hormones are constantly fluctuating in the body as it returns to its pre-pregnancy levels. Massages often involve essential oils, which may improve one's mood and balance their hormones.

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4- Reduced anxiety and depression

The 'baby blues' or postpartum depression is a common symptom of new parents. Massage helps reduce stress, improve mood, and relax after a long period of stress and fatigue in pregnancy.

5- Make you feel relaxed

 Massage releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers and feel-good hormones that are released by the brain. It also promotes sleep.

6- Better sleep

 A massage can help parents relax and prepare their body for deep, restorative sleep. New parents need as much rest as they can get!

7- Improve your recovery, well-being, and immunity

Massage improves blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, which helps eliminate toxins. It also helps you relax muscle tension and ease sore spots because the entire process of childbirth has been a strain on your body, particularly your abdomen, lower back and hips.

Postpartum Massage Methods 

The best time for a full body massage to be given after giving birth is within the first 12 weeks after giving birth. A trained therapist will facilitate your massage and help make it as comfortable as possible for you. 

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or complications related to postpartum massage.

When should I not get a Postpartum Massage ?

It is not recommended to receive a full body Postpartum Massage  if:

  • Medical complications, especially during and after delivery
  • You have rashes, blisters, boils, and eczema on your skin
  • If you had a caesarean birth, wait until the scar has healed
  • High blood pressure
  • you have a hernia