Pregnancy is a mentally and physically transformative experience. While pregnant, your body will go through a lot of changes, starting from mood swings to appetites, swelling to weight gain. Because the growing baby is in the belly and it will grow for nine months, there will be outside and inside changes in your belly. Not only does your stomach skin expand as your belly swells, but your muscles extend as well, and your organs shift to create space for your baby. The body begins to heal once the baby is born, but it takes time.
Many women want to return to their pre-baby bodies as quickly as possible, so they commonly choose one of two strategies to do this: shapewear or wrapping their stomach after giving delivery. While postpartum shapewear can help with weight and shape maintenance, a postpartum belly wrap can help with healing and faster recovery.

The Benefits of a postpartum belly wrap

Wearing a postpartum belly wrap has a lot of advantages.

1. Provide you with much-needed support

You lose a lot of muscle strength in your back and abdomen during pregnancy. A belly wrap will give you the support you need to move and walk after you have a child. Because your muscles won't be ready to do it on their own, the wrap will also help you maintain correct posture. Sitting up in bed can be difficult, so a belly binder can help you resume your typical activities.

2. Secure your C-section incision


Wearing C-section belly bands can have even more benefits for women who have had a C-section. The belly wrap will keep your C-section incision secure and prevent swelling, allowing faster healing. You must remove the wrap and check your incision on a daily basis. If you see anything unusual, call your doctor asap.

3. Shrink your uterus

Wrapping your stomach after giving birth helps shrink your uterus as your uterus grows for nine months during pregnancy. So, it is natural for it to shrink after you give birth. This is a gradual process that deflates your uterus in a safe, fast, and natural way.

4. Helps your organs get back into place

Belly binding also helps in the repositioning of internal organs that have been displaced during pregnancy. The organs that shifted to make room for the growing baby in your abdomen will gradually return to their original positions. A belly binder can assist in speeding up this process in a natural and healthy way.

5. Help your skin regain its elasticity after giving birth

A postpartum belly wrap can help your skin regain its elasticity after giving birth. The belly wrap's pressure on the skin will help it heal faster and rid your body of fluids gained during pregnancy.

When I start to wrap

The time you should start belly-binding depends on how you gave birth and the type of binding you want to use. If you gave birth vaginally and plan to apply the bengkung belly binding method, you can do it straight away. But if you had a C-section, you should wait until your incision is completely healed and dry.

Recovery from childbirth is a long process, but there are some activities you can do to give yourself the support you need. We recommend you check out the following postpartum products: They can help you.