Returning home with your new baby is one of the most beautiful feelings that a new mother and the entire family can experience, but the mother may quickly forget this joy in light of fatigue and exhaustion, especially in the first days after birth. At a time when you need rest to recover from the pain of childbirth, it falls on It is her responsibility to care for the child, breastfeed him, and ensure his comfort. In this article, we review some tips that can save new mothers and help them feel happy with their motherhood.

Tips for a new mother: 6 things a new mother should know

1. A newborn baby sometimes cries for no reason

Most of the reasons why newborns cry is for a convincing reason, either because of hunger, bloating, or the need to change diapers, but a newborn may cry for no reason because this crying is their only way of communicating with the outside world, in which they suddenly find themselves without warning. Our advice here to you is not to panic or get nervous. Hug your child, and as long as you have done what you have to and are reassured that there is no real reason for his crying, then wait for him to calm down on his own.

2. Almost all mothers suffer from what is called baby blues

Giving birth to a child is one of the most difficult and amazing things ever, and this achievement is bound to result in some hormonal and emotional fluctuations for the mother and result in what is called “baby blues.” This condition consists of mood swings, endless bouts of crying, and difficulties sleeping. This condition begins two or three days after birth and may last up to two weeks. Rest assured, getting out of this situation is simple by:

  • Get as much sleep as possible, as sleep is the key to achieving mental clarity and rest.
  • It is important that you get private time just for yourself, even if it is half an hour during the day
  • Do not blame yourself or think that you are not giving your child the best. You are still in the recovery stage after giving birth. Try to think positively all the time.
  • Release your negative feelings, talk to your husband and those close to you always, surround yourself with them, and avoid isolation.

If this condition continues for more than two weeks or worsens beyond the symptoms we mentioned, you should consult a doctor immediately.

3. Breastfeeding can be difficult and stressful

Most mothers face some difficulties in breastfeeding and some mothers may stop breastfeeding completely if they are not properly guided. Your baby may not be able to latch on to your nipple, you may have low milk production especially in the early days, or feeding may simply be painful.

Our advice to you is to be patient and try as much as possible, and then you can seek help from a breastfeeding consultant who will help you overcome the problem. It is very normal to feel a sense of failure, but rest assured that you are a great mother who is trying to provide the best for her child!

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4. Don't make your postpartum body shape make you nervous

A woman's body after childbirth is not the same as before, so congratulations to every mother who performed the miracle of childbirth. Your body shape may be less beautiful, but it is stronger and more capable of caring for your newborn, so do not make it a cause of stress or depression and focus on being a happy mother with what you have achieved.

5. Every stage, no matter how difficult, will pass without returning

Your baby is growing up fast! Every stage you go through together is a temporary stage that will pass and will not return until you begin another new stage. Trust that your child is not making you go through difficult times, but rather he himself is going through difficult times and he only needs your help and affection. Enjoy every stage, no matter how difficult it is, document the stages of your child’s development and take many happy pictures.

6. Focus on the basics and stay away from idealism

Don't worry too much about housework, just do the basics. Try to focus on spending your time with your new baby and focus on yourself and your health.

These were tips for a new mother. If you apply them, you will notice a fundamental difference in your life, Be absolutely sure that this difficult period will be the most beautiful days of your life and that you are the best mother in the whole world for your child. Believe in yourself and that you were created for this role, and you will see those things, no matter how complicated, will be fine.

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