Don't be surprised by the title, postpartum care is essential for easy recovery, and the nights after giving birth can be the hardest for the mother and she may never be able to get a good night's sleep. In this article, we review the best sleeping positions for the mother after natural birth and after cesarean section.
Let us first understand why a woman may need a certain sleeping position after giving birth.

Best Way to Sleep after Giving Birth for Every Birth 

The comfortable sleeping position that is most appropriate for every birth (abnormal or cesarean section) helps the woman to:

1. Heal quickly, whether from a caesarean section wound or from an episiotomy during a natural birth, because we avoid putting pressure on the wound and thus causing errors or complications.

2. It helps the mother take better care of her infant because sound and comfortable sleep provides her with sufficient energy during the day.

3. Reducing episodes of postpartum depression that increase with lack of sleep and physical fatigue.

4. Getting rid of insomnia resulting from the stress that accompanies the mother for several nights after giving birth due to the new and difficult situation that she is going through and trying to adapt to.

So, what is the best way to sleep after giving birth for natural birth and for cesarean section?

First: The correct way to sleep after a natural birth

If you are recovering from a natural birth, these tips are for you to help you sleep comfortably.

1. You can sleep on any side you want: whether on your back, your right side, or even your left, all of which are correct and comfortable positions. But sleeping on your stomach can be a little uncomfortable, especially if you are breastfeeding, because you will notice milk leaking as soon as you press on the breast area.

2. When sleeping on your back, it is preferable to use some pillows to place under your upper part to give you more comfort and to alleviate the breathing difficulties that can occur from postpartum fatigue and to relieve pressure on the wound in the birth area.

Second: The correct way to sleep after a cesarean section

1. Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on the back is one of the most appropriate and comfortable sleeping positions for a mother who has had a cesarean section, especially in the first weeks following birth, because sleeping on the back avoids pressure on the wound. However, sitting or getting out of bed may be difficult, so mothers are advised to change her position on her side, use her hands, and lift herself up slowly when trying to get up to avoid putting pressure on the wound.
It is important to note that sleeping on the back may not be the ideal position for women with high blood pressure.

2. Sleeping on the right or left side

While this position may be uncomfortable for some women who have had a cesarean section, many other women prefer it and consider it the ideal position because it enables them to move and get out of bed easier and faster, and does not put pressure or strain on the abdominal wound area. It is recommended to adopt this position for those who suffer from blood pressure problems, because people with high blood pressure are at risk of developing high blood pressure levels and other complications while lying on their backs.

3. Sleeping in a sitting position

This position can be between sitting and lying down with the help of a number of pillows, and it may be on the bed or for the help of a rocking chair as well. This position may be generally uncomfortable for most people, but women who have had a cesarean section may prefer it because they will not have to sleep and get up frequently to breastfeed the baby or because it enables them to get out of bed easily.

4. Sleeping on the stomach

Many women wait for childbirth until they can sleep on their stomach again, but it is preferable to avoid sleeping on the stomach completely in the case of a cesarean section for a period of at least several weeks, in order to avoid any complications or infections that may result from pressure or tension on the wound. Even after the wound has healed, sleeping on the stomach may be uncomfortable if the mother is breastfeeding her child, because it causes pressure on the breasts and causes milk to leak.

These are proven tips on the best way to sleep after giving birth. You can choose the method that is best for you according to what was mentioned above.
The postpartum period is a stressful and challenging period for all mothers, regardless of the method of birth, and following some tips and instructions can have a very positive impact in improving the quality of your sleep and performance, and thus your way of dealing with your child. We congratulate you for the effort you made during pregnancy and childbirth, and we hope that the tips we have provided will help you get a good, healthy sleep.

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