Baby sleep hours are among the most important factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure the health and well-being of the child. Baby sleep is an essential part of the life of a newborn and has a significant impact on their mental and physical growth and development. It also affects the overall health of the entire family. However, many parents struggle with managing baby sleep hours, especially in the first few months of their lives. The baby may wake up frequently during the night, which affects the parents' sleep and increases stress and fatigue levels.

Therefore, the aim of this article is to clarify the number of baby sleep hours, the importance of sleep for their health, and provide some practical tips for parents on how to improve their baby's sleep quality and create a comfortable and safe environment for them.

How Much Should Newborns Sleep?

The number of baby sleep hours depends on several factors, such as age, overall health, and emotional state. Although newborns spend most of their time sleeping, they wake up regularly for feeding, diaper changes, and relaxation.

On average, a baby sleeps between 14 and 17 hours a day, but these periods are very short and fragmented in the first few months. The baby wakes up regularly for feeding and personal care and may need rest after short periods of wakefulness.

In general, parents should listen to the baby's needs and meet their basic needs regularly to provide a comfortable and safe environment for their sleep, promoting their healthy growth and development.

What is The Importance of Establishing Baby Sleep Hours?

Promoting infant growth

Establishing the number of baby sleep hours is one of the key factors that helps promote the growth and development of the baby. During sleep, tissues are repaired, the brain develops, and neural connections are formed.

Improving overall health

Sufficient and regular sleep is important for improving the overall health of the baby and strengthening their immune system. It reduces stress levels, aids digestion, and reduces the risk of illness.

Improving quality of life for the family

Establishing baby sleep hours improves the overall quality of life for the entire family. Parents can get sufficient sleep and rest, leading to increased energy levels and improved family relationships.

Enhancing mood and behavior

Good sleep contributes to improving the mood and behavior of infants. They feel comfortable and happy, and they are more ready to positively interact with the world around them.

Meeting the baby's needs

Sleep is one of the essential needs of a newborn. By establishing regular sleep hours, the baby's physical, mental, and emotional needs are met.

How to Make a Newborn Baby Sleep?

Sleeping for a newborn can be a challenge for parents, but there are some guidelines that can be followed to help the baby sleep better

1. Provide a calm and comfortable environment for the baby

Create a quiet, dark, and comfortable room for the baby. Avoid excessive noise, bright lights, and extreme temperatures in the baby's room. It is also recommended to place the baby in a comfortable and safe crib that is not overcrowded with objects.

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2. Ensure the baby is full before sleep

Feed the baby with sufficient amounts of milk before sleep and ensure they feel full and comfortable to prevent sudden awakening.

3. Establish a sleep schedule

It is recommended to establish a specific time for sleep and waking up, and stick to this schedule day by day so that the baby gets used to a certain sleep routine.

4. Promote comfort

regularly change the baby's diapers and provide comfortable clothing appropriate for the room temperature, while avoiding stimulating activities and interactions that may keep the baby awake.

In conclusion, newborns spend most of their time sleeping, so there is no need to worry. Baby sleep hours are important for the baby's health and the parents' well-being, especially if a regular sleep schedule is established to promote the baby's healthy growth and development. We wish your children a peaceful and happy sleep.