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FridaBaby NoseFrida The Snotsucker

QAR 80,00QAR 75,00
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HYGIENE: When cleaning stuffy noses, disposable filters have been clinically shown to stop the spread of pathogens or mucus to the snot sucker. After each usage, replace the filter. COMFORTABLE...

MediFrida Baby Medicine Dispenser by FridaBaby

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Through a gentle, well-known pacifier, MediFrida administers the whole amount, bypassing the baby's taste senses to prevent spit-ups and ensuring that the infant takes the entire dose. The only pacifier-style...

Baby Nasal Booger Tool by Little Marry

QAR 50,00QAR 40,00
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The best approach to clean your baby's nose and ears is with LITTLE MARY'S BOOGER TOOL FOR BABY NASAL BOOGER & EAR WAX CLEANER. It is our newest booger tool,...

Anti-Slip Knee Pads For Crawling Baby 5 Pairs

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85% cotton, 12% Dacron , and 3 three percent spandex Repetition The baby knee pads will shield your child's knees from scrapes and bruises while they crawl and are walking...

Colic and Gas Reliever for Babies by Frida Baby - 10 Count

QAR 70,00
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A natural remedy for constipation, colic and other issues related to gas. The Windi performs its work immediately and does not require the consumption of any drops or other medication....

Hot and Cold Pads for Postpartum by Lansinoh, Purple, 2 Count

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After labor, Lansinoh Hot & Cold Postpartum Therapy Packs can be used either hot or cold to provide comfort and pain relief. These postpartum pads for new mothers can be...

42PCS Disposable Baby Tongue Cleaner for 0-36 Months

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Prioritize baby’s oral hygiene  A soft double-wave brush, made of 100% medical degreased gauze, with a paper handle, suitable for the baby’s gums, protects the oral mucosa, no fluorescent whitening...

Cool Pads for Kids Fever discomfort by Fridababy, 5 Count

QAR 50,00QAR 35,00
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FEVER REDUCER: When your child develops a fever, cool pads can ease their discomfort. No refrigeration is necessary for instant cooling relief. COLD COMPRESS ALTERNATIVE: Peel off the backing and...

42Pcs Disposable Infant Baby Tongue Cleaner and Baby Toothbrush for 0-36 Month

QAR 65,00
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Establishing appropriate oral hygiene practices as early as possible is the best method to maintain the health and happiness of your baby's smile.Our baby toothbrushes are designed to address issues...

Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer by iHealth

QAR 110,00
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Just Safe and Hygienic, No Touch Measuring PT3 Built-in infrared temperature sensor measures body temperature without direct contact within 1.18 inches of the forehead's center. triangular sensors Accuracy: To ensure...

Diaper Rash Cream Applicator, Baby Bum Brush

QAR 50,00
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A mother who knows how heartbreaking it is when your child is in any discomfort or distress created Bumco products. Use the Baby Bum Brush diaper rash application to relieve...

Compact Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart

QAR 150,00
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You may now give Baby a warm wipe while you're out and about. en route to the supermarket. at a park. inside an automobile. Anywhere can have a blowout, thus...

FridaBaby Quick-Read Digital Rectal Thermometer

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Newborns and fevers do not mix well. However, knowing their temperature soon is important. In just 10 seconds, the Quick-Read Rectal Thermometer provides quick and reliable rectal temperature readings. It...

Baby Electric Nail Trimmer By Haakaa

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  haakaa electric baby nail trimmer is designed to trim and polish toenails and fingernails for babies and adults, it won’t be damage cuticles or nail beds, 360°all-round exquisite polishing...

Nose and Face Wipes for Baby by Dr. Brown, 30ct

QAR 25,00
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With the soothing touch of calendula, Dr. Brown's Nose and Face Wipes help relieve sore, stuffy tiny noses. The wipes gently clean and hydrate baby's nose and face because they...

Tommee Tippee Battery Baby Nasal Aspirator

QAR 265,00
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Clears congestion quickly: Removes any secretions and nose congestion in seconds, improving baby's breathing immediately. Gentle and effective: The gentle sucking action effectively removes mucus from your baby's nose so...

Tommee Tippee - Electric Baby & Toddler Nail File Trimmer

QAR 229,00
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Nail trimming made easy: With our electric nail trimmer you can quickly and safely trim little toenails and fingernails - specially designed to be gentle on baby's fine and delicate...

Hydra Bebe Facial Cream

QAR 38,00
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Paraben-free Phthalate-free Phenoxyethanol-free Dermatologist and Pediatrician tested* *(2021, by Expanscience Laboratoires)

Corner Cushions by clippasafe (4 pack)

QAR 18,00
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These soft, transparent, moulded protectors can be fitted to any corner to make sure that a little bump doesn't result in a big injury. They come complete with adhesive pads...

A healthy, disease-free motherhood journey

The journey of motherhood is not as easy as you might expect, although it is an enjoyable and unparalleled experience. It is full of challenges and difficulties facing the mother and the child, perhaps the most prominent of which is the general health of the child.

At Qatar Moms, we offer you baby health care products that make the maternity period an enjoyable period and allow every mother to control the health problems facing the child.

Our products

1. Thermometer

One of the most important baby health care products that is indispensable in all homes is the thermometer. We provide you with the finest multi-shaped, accurate, and fast-reading thermometers, which contain electronic sensors that monitor the child’s temperature easily.

2. Cool pads for kids

It is an alternative adhesive to traditional compresses. It is placed on the child’s forehead or under the armpit to cool the place and reduce the temperature. It is safe and does not cause any health problems.

3. Diaper Rash Cream Applicator

A wonderful brush to ensure the distribution of rash cream in the diaper area. It is to keep hands and nails clean, and to apply the cream homogeneously and smoothly, made of soft and flexible silicone that does not harm the baby's skin.

4. Nasal aspirator

It is one of the necessary baby products when a child has a cold because it removes annoying mucus and helps him breathe. Doctors recommend using it because it is safe and does not harm the child’s health.

5. Baby knee pads

One of the most sought-after care baby products is for mothers to protect their babies' knees while crawling. In Qatar Moms, we have the best types made of the finest materials that allow air to pass through and absorb sweat.

6. Oral injection

We provide medical supplies for newborns, such as needles intended for the child to take the full dose of medicine and to prevent spitting up or making a mess, made of soft materials that do not harm the child's gums.

Features of baby health care products available in Qatar Moms

1. Complies with safety and quality standards

We provide you with the best international brands of high-quality baby health care products that are made of safe materials for the child's health and are suitable for different ages, including tools for caring for health when the child is exposed to the disease.

2. Suitable for controlling pediatric diseases

We offer a variety of baby health care products that the child requires in the event of a fever, flu, cold, or rash, thereby providing appropriate solutions and improving the maternity experience.

3. Hygienically safe

The care baby products are made of healthy materials that are safe to use and are suitable for all children, free of chemicals such as BPA / BPS that harm children’s health and cause skin allergies

4. Beautiful designs

At Qatar Moms, you will find the most beautiful designs of baby health care products that attract the child and do not frighten him away from using them. Their colors make it a fun game that attracts children.

Why choose baby health care products from Qatar Moms?

1. Diverse assortment

In our store, we provide you with a variety of baby health care products of different shapes and types, with modern and elegant designs, and of quality that deserves your trust.

2. 100% original products

We provide you with reliable and high-quality products made of wonderful natural materials and attractive colors that maintain the child's health.

3. Fast delivery

We guarantee the safety of the products you choose; all you have to do is browse the site and choose the product you want, and we will deliver it to you in the specified place in the easiest way possible.

4. Affordable prices

At Qatar Moms, we take the economic situation of all customers into account, and we provide you with many different products that suit all people at the lowest prices that satisfy you.

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