From the moment of birth, bottles are among the most common necessities for babies. They provide a convenient and safe way to feed newborns, whether with breast milk or formula, ensuring proper nutrition anytime, anywhere. In our article, we'll discuss the most suitable bottles for your newborn, as they can make a significant difference in both the mother's and the baby's feeding experience. These lines will guide you in choosing the most appropriate bottle, and you can purchase your preferred one through Qatar Mom's store.

Best New Born Bottles For Your Baby

When it comes to newborn needs, feeding is a top priority as it supports their healthy growth. Mothers often seek what suits each stage of their baby's life, from the first days to months, as each stage requires enhancing the child's ability to taste and distinguish between sweet and savoury flavours, as well as between hot and cold temperatures. In the following article, we will focus on the newborn stage, discussing how to choose the right bottle by considering several factors to ensure the best nutrition and comfort for your little one. Excellent bottles feature characteristics that make feeding easy and safe for both the baby and the mother. Here are some of the best types of bottles for newborns:

1. Glass Bottles:

  • Extremely safe as they do not contain any harmful manufacturing materials that may leach into the fluids provided to the baby.
  • Resistant to odours and stains, maintaining the cleanliness and transparency of the bottle.
  • Glass bottles can be easily sterilised in boiling water or sterilising devices without being affected.
  • They can be recycled easily, making them an excellent environmental choice.
  • However, the lifespan of this type of bottle is not very long if it does not contain sufficient thickness compatible with light weight, making it prone to breakage.

2. Silicone Bottles:

  • Easy to clean and less prone to odour and colour buildup from fluids.
  • Free from harmful chemicals or BPA material.
  • Ideal for long-term use as they are resistant to breakage and corrosion.
  • Silicone bottles are known for their flexibility, making them comfortable and safe for the baby.
  • They can withstand high temperatures, making them perfect for boiling sterilisation or sterilising devices.
  • Suitable for babies who find it difficult to transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding as they perfectly mimic the mother's breast.

3. Plastic Bottles:

  • Come in various shapes and sizes and are lightweight, suitable for daily use.
  • Unlike glass, plastic bottles do not break when dropped, making them a safe choice for travel.
  • Plastic bottles are usually more cost-effective compared to glass and silicone.
  • They come with clear markings to measure fluid quantity, making it easy for mothers to monitor their baby's feeding.
  • They are suitable for use in the early stages of a child's life because they are lightweight and make it easier for the mother to handle.
  • If you are looking for economical products, they are definitely the best choice.

By choosing the right bottle, you can ensure your baby's comfort and safety during feeding, helping to promote their health and growth properly.

Specifications of Best New Born Bottles

When choosing newborn bottles, it's important to consider some key specifications to ensure the baby's comfort and safety. Here are some important specifications:

1. Bottle Material:

  •  Free from BPA: Ensure that the bottle is made from materials free from BPA (Bisphenol A), which may be harmful to the baby's health.
  • Medical-Grade Silicone: Opt for nipples made from medical-grade silicone as they are safe, flexible, and mimic the mother's breast.
  • High-Quality Plastic or Glass: The bottle should be made from high-quality plastic or safe glass.

    2. Nipple Shape:

    • Natural Shape: Nipples that resemble the texture of the mother's breast help the baby quickly adapt to natural breastfeeding.
    • Anti-Colic: Some bottles have valves that prevent air from entering the baby's stomach, making them anti-colic.
    • Varying Flow: Choose nipples with the appropriate flow strength for your baby, as different types of nipples cater to different stages of the baby's growth.
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      3. Bottle Size:

      • Wide Neck: Facilitates cleaning and refilling.
      • Leak-proof: Prevents milk leakage onto the baby's clothes and ensures that liquids stay inside the bottle.
      • Easy Grip: Comfortable for the mother or the person feeding the baby to hold and control without disturbing the child.
      4. Ease of Cleaning


      • Dishwasher Safe: Provides convenience in cleaning and sterilisation.
      • Detachable: Can be fully disassembled for thorough cleaning and easy sterilisation.

      5. Durability of the Bottle

      • Break-Resistant: Pay attention to the material of the bottle, especially if it's made of glass, it should be resistant to breakage.
        Versatility in Use: Can be used with microwave sterilisers and steam sterilisation.
      Some well-known brands that offer high-quality bottles include: Philips Avent, Dr. Brown’s, Tommee Tippee, Medela, and Comotomo.

      When choosing the right bottle, it's crucial to focus on several factors by ensuring the appropriate bottle size for your baby based on their age. Bottles come in different sizes, and you should also consider selecting a safe bottle material, whether it's glass, silicone, or plastic. Look for a design that mimics your baby's comfort in terms of nipple shape and texture. Moreover, if your baby experiences stomach issues, you can opt for anti-colic bottles.

      Importance of Baby Bottles as a Whole

      These bottles are essential baby items, as mentioned earlier, they are indispensable. However, choosing the right bottle requires considering a set of criteria to fulfil the intended purpose, which is nourishing the baby, promoting their health and comfort, and helping mothers regulate feeding times. Here are some points illustrating the importance of baby bottles:

      1. Finding the suitable and safe means for providing formula or breast milk to newborns is crucial as they are unable to control the suction process adequately and ensure they receive all the essential nutrients needed for growth.
      2. You can monitor the amount of milk your baby consumes, ensuring they get the right amount of food at each meal.
      3. These bottles allow for feeding the baby anytime, providing you with high flexibility in your daily schedule since feeding the child is not limited to breastfeeding.
      4. The father's participation in feeding and nourishing the child enhances the relationship between the father and the child, strengthening family bonds.
      5. Reducing the baby's exposure to feeding problems, such as swallowing air during feeding, in case the mother opts for anti-colic bottles equipped with a valve that prevents air entry, thus reducing gas and discomfort for the baby.
      6. Creating adaptability in the baby to rely on bottle-feeding alongside breastfeeding, providing the mother with a high level of flexibility in dealing with her daily tasks and household chores. Additionally, transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding becomes effortless and acceptable to the baby.
      7. As the child grows, bottles can help promote their independence by teaching them how to hold the bottle and feed themselves, thus enhancing their fine motor skills.

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