Babies Colic or infants colic is a common problem that many mothers suffer especially in the first three months after birth. A healthy baby cries for more than 3 hours a day and more than 3 days a week without any obvious reason. These fussy periods often occur in the evening or in the early morning hours.

What causes colic?

1- Baby's digestive system isn't fully developed

2- maybe infant colic is the result of not properly absorbing milk in his stomach especially in the case of Bottle-feeding.

3- Some colicky babies also have gas because of over crying then they swallow air, or because of the incorrect position of feeding.

4- The nervous system may be in a state of development.

5- There are certain foods that you eat that may cause gas in breastfeeding such as Eggs, Peanuts, and Nuts, and spicy food.

6- introducing complementary foods (solids) before 4 months or using whole milk

How to Know your colicky baby?

  • 1- crying or screaming for more than three hours.

  • 2- It's hard to soothe him.

  • 3- Take out the gases while crying.

  • 4- The child's face turns red while crying bring their knees to his tummy.

  • 5- If your baby's demand to be fed increased more than once in a short time.

What is the treatment?      

  • 1- Make sure you don't let your baby cry for a long time, so he swallows a lot of air and causes colic to him.

  • 2-  Make sure that the breastfeeding position is correct in a semi-oblique to prevent swallowing air.

  • 3- Burp your baby after each feeding to release gases that were swallowed during feeding by lightly patting his lower back. Repeat this process more than once during or after breastfeeding. It may take a little time and effort.

  • 4- Make a tummy massage to your baby by using your fingers, to help the gases release from his stomach.

  • 5- Make a warm bath for your baby to soothe him.

  • 6- in the case of Bottle-feeding, make sure to sterilize the milk bottle permanently and warm the milk before giving it to him.

  • 7- In the case of breastfeeding, don’t switch your breast before empty to be sure that it has reached the last milk which is called Hindmilk.

  • 8- Eat healthy foods as there are some foods that could cause gases for you and your child.

  • 9- There are some treatments available in pharmacies to calm colicky baby such as Gripe water. Always check if it is suitable before giving your baby.


Dear mother, you have to remember that babies colic is a temporary state that will disappear over time with the development of the digestive system of your child and by the completion of the fourth month when you start introducing solid food for him. Until this happens, I advise you to have a short break and seek help from a family member or friend to help alleviate your stress and anxiety.