While some nursing moms believe that direct breastfeeding is sufficient for the baby without having to express milk, others see the breast pump as a magic tool, either because they face difficulties in breastfeeding or because their lifestyle requires them to be away from their children for long periods of time. One of the benefits of breast pumping is that it increases milk supply and gives the mother the space to go out alone for a longer period than those who rely on direct breastfeeding.

In this article, we will give you some tips and guidelines that can help you choose the best breast pump based on your own circumstances and preferences.

So, how do you pick the best breast pump out of hundreds of options?

First: Types of Breast Pumps

There are two types of breast pumps: electric and manual, and they can be either single (pumping one side at a time) or double (pumping both sides at the same time). The electric pump is ideal for mothers who need to pump a large amount of milk in a short time, especially if the pump is double. As for the manual pump, it takes the mother's full attention and a lot of effort.

Second: Budget

Determine your budget before looking at different types of breast pumps to reduce options and distractions. In general, the manual pump has the lowest price, followed by the single electric pump, and finally the double electric pump, which is the most expensive of them all.

Third: Number of pumping times

If you are a working mother or you have to be away from your child for long periods and you will have to pump several times a day, we recommend the single or double electric pump. However, if you need to pump a few times while you are outside, we recommend the manual pump, as it is easy to carry.

What is the best breast pump, whether electric or manual?

Choosing the right types of breast pumps depends on your lifestyle, budget, frequency, and place of pumping, but we recommend four of the bestselling breast pumps on shopping sites:

1. Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

It is one of the best electric breast pumps in the world. Perhaps the advantage that makes it known is that it is cordless, one of the most important differences between it and the Spectra S2 Plus breast pump of the same type. It makes it easier for the mother to move and not be restricted and avoids the hassle of entangling wires with the pump tubes.

In addition to being cordless and rechargeable, the sound of the Spectra S1 Plus is soothing, which makes it ideal for working-at-home moms who have to get into frequent meetings. The only drawback of this pump is that it is heavy, but this can be overlooked for its advantages.

2. Medela MaxFlow Electric Breast Pump

It is a powerful, hospital-grade double pump. Therefore, if you’re having trouble getting enough milk expressed, this pump will definitely help you! This pump contains only the essential parts: the pump machine, breast shields, bottles, and tubes, making it easy to clean, install, and store all parts in a small bag.

Despite all its features, it is worth noting that it does not contain a screen through which you know the duration or strength of the suction, and the machine has a sound that may be somewhat noisy.

3. IMANI I2 Plus Wearable Electric Breast Pump

This wearable pump is the easiest to use. It was developed as a solution for expressing milk anytime, anywhere, without even having to use your hands. The IMANI breast pump is cordless and battery-powered. However, keep in mind that it takes 2 hours to recharge and has 2.5 hours of use. The suction power of this machine is less powerful compared to normal electric machines, but it has a completely silent sound, according to the reviews of the mothers who used it.

4. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

The manual pump is used for short pumping sessions or for use outside the home. In addition, there are mothers who use it to collect the milk from the other side when breastfeeding instead of having it leak out. The price of this manual pump is very economical compared to the electric ones. However, it is smaller in size and easy to use when on the go and outside the home. In spite of that, as mentioned above, it is not suitable for mothers who want to express milk several times during the day and quickly, or for mothers who have a problem with milk production and need pumping to increase it.

Breastfeeding is an experience that requires great strength and effort, and the right pump can turn this experience from a disappointment into a successful, happy one. Remember that every mother needs a different pump according to her circumstances and lifestyle, so find what suits you best. We wish you a successful journey with the best breast pump and a unique breastfeeding journey from Qatar Moms store.