Are you waiting for a new baby, or are you a new mother looking for the best infant bed that will give your baby enough comfort while sleeping? Well, we all know that after giving birth, the mother needs to sleep and rest well in order to recover from the birth process, just as the baby needs comfortable sleep for its proper growth and health. For this reason, the mother is in need of buying a bed for the baby that helps him sleep comfortably and for hours on end. It also gives the mother an opportunity to rest her body or carry out her routine tasks comfortably away from the child. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best bed for newborns. We will also tell you about the common types that meet the needs of the child and the mother.

What are The Criteria for Choosing The Best Bed for Newborns?

  1. Choose a firm and medium-soft mattress, and make sure that it does not move or fall too much, so as not to harm the child.
  2. Pay attention to the distance between the bed rails, which should not exceed 6 cm, in order to protect the child from the danger of trying to get out of bed.
  3. The bed mattress should be 66 cm lower than the sides of the bed to protect the child from falling while sleeping.
  4. Choose warm bed linens made of cotton so that they do not cause skin irritation when in contact with the baby's face.
  5. Do not buy cribs that come in the form of hanging swings, as they are not safe and may lead to serious injuries.

What is The Best Infant Bed?

Types and shapes differ based on different designs and needs. Here we have collected for you the common designs for the best infant bed, which are:

1. Standard Bed

One of the traditional types of beds that is characterized by its durability and long life It comes in a size of 27 inches and has four fixed, strong sides that suit the decor of all children’s rooms and nurseries. It is characterized by its cheap price, and one of its disadvantages is the inability to move it from one place to another.

2. Convertible Bed

The best bed for newborns is one that can be converted into different shapes commensurate with the age of the child. All stages of childhood can be converted by replacing its sides and mattresses to suit the needs of the child, and among the common conversions are: a standard bed, a double or single bed, a day bed, a toddler bed, This is a good option for parents who do not want to spend extra money on a new bed for their child but require a series of separate conversions.

3. Adjustable Height Bed

The safest sleeper for newborns and older children is one that makes it easier for the mother to reach her infant by determining the height of the bed, and she will also be reassuring her child from the danger of climbing on the bed when he grows up.

4. Rollaway Bed

The best infant bed is easy to fold and store when not in use. It is an effective solution for small spaces. It is equipped with mobility wheels that facilitate moving it from room to room; in addition, you can install its wheels on the floor to prevent movement. One of its disadvantages is that its wheels quickly damage and scratch floors.

5. Travel Bed

This type is considered the best bed for newborns and mothers planning to travel. It is light in weight and easy to fold and carry. It can be put in a bag without taking up space, but it is impractical, easily damaged, and not preferred by most women.

6. Versatile Bed

This type has additional multi-purpose pieces that are integrated with the bed, such as the changing table, wardrobe, and storage drawers. It is large and expensive, but it is less expensive than buying the side pieces separately.

How Do you Protect The Child from Danger While Being Put to Bed?

  • Put pillows close to the baby's head to protect him from the risks of sudden shocks.
  • Don't put large toys in the crib, or he'll climb onto them trying to get out.
  • Do not put the bed next to windows, and provide direct lighting so that he can sleep comfortably without disturbance.
  • Transfer the child to his regular bed as soon as he grows up and provide him with a safe and appropriate place.

    Now that you know the information related to choosing the best bed for newborns, it has become easy for you to choose the best types that suit your needs and give your child complete comfort. For more options, choose high-quality bed accessories for your child that decorate the bed and give your child relaxation, such as comfortable mattresses, hanging toys, etc. You can browse Qatar Moms, which provides mothers with all products related to mother and child.