One of the things that causes concern for the mother in the first months of her birth is the way of clipping newborn nails without causing any scratches to the baby’s soft fingers.

It is really the most difficult task in the beginning, especially because of the excessive and sudden movement of the baby, but it is a very necessary task because babies may injure themselves with their nails, and they put their fingers in their mouths, transmitting germs to their bodies.

In this article, we will tell you how to cut newborn nails in the right way to keep him safe.

How to cut baby nails?

No matter how much the mother tries to simplify the task of trimming newborn nails, the question of how to cut newborn nails without harming him remains in her mind all the time, for this reason we will tell you the steps of clipping newborn nails in detail, have the courage and start now..

  1. Sit in a brightly lit place and put your baby in your arms or have someone else hold him.
  2. Prepare the nail clippers tools next to you.
  3. Hold the baby's finger, and wrap the baby's hand in your hand to secure it well and prevent it from slipping.
  4. Pull the finger tip away from the nail to avoid cutting the skin, then cut the nail straight.
  5. Eventually, you may need to use an emery board to smooth and rotate the nail to protect the child from cutting himself.
  6. Repeat the process with each finger until all of them are clean.

When do I cut my newborn nails?

  • During sleep

The best time of trimming newborn nails is when the child is asleep after bathing, because their nails will be very soft and smooth and easy to trim, in addition, the child will not move and will not feel it, which reduces the risk of cutting or hurting himself.

  • In relaxation moment

If the child is alert, it is preferable to distract him before trimming his nails, make sure that he is as comfortable and relaxed as possible, and give him a toy to distract him, or talk to him in order to calm him, and if he feels nervous, stop immediately and give him the opportunity to calm down and relax, preferable to ask for help from a family member and not to do the task alone.

What do I do if I hurt my child's fingers?

We told you earlier in this article the best ways of trimming baby nails, but in case of any accidental cut or scratch, do not worry, follow these steps and your child will be safe:

  1. Keep calm and don't get nervous.
  2. Rinse the baby's finger with cold water, as the bleeding may stop spontaneously.
  3. If the bleeding does not stop, use a clean cotton swab or gauze and apply gentle pressure to the wound until the bleeding stops.
  4. Don't put a bandage on the finger too much, the baby may put it in his mouth, keep it exposed and he will recover quickly.
  5. In the event of unexpected infections, redness and swelling in the child's fingers, do not hesitate to visit the doctor immediately to prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

What tools are used for clipping newborn nails?

  • Nail clippers

One of the best tools that are used for trimming safely without any cuts to the finger skin. It is small in size and has a rounded end, and has comfortable handles to make them easy to hold by hand. You will find many good items in pharmacies.

  • Ordinary scissors

Some mothers prefer to use ordinary scissors instead of using nail clippers, because it gives the mother the ability to control the scissors and know where to cut easily. If this is your preferred choice, we recommend using scissors with a short blade and a round head for the safety and protection of the child.

  • Emery board

The easiest and safest method, experts recommend it for babies under one month of age, because of the softness of their nails, and because the scissors blade can be dangerous if not handled with care, and it is used to sand the nails well.

Mistakes to avoid while trimming newborn nails

  1. Do not try to bite the nails with your teeth to prevent the spread of germs and infect the child.
  2. Don't cut the sides of the nails too much to prevent infections when the nail grows.
  3. Do not peel the baby's nails by hand, because you will cut them too much and cause him pain.
  4. In the event of cuts, do not put a bandage that the child may put in his mouth, but rather press with a gauze until the bleeding stops.